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STRONG Nation™ Chapter 15

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I order to ensure safe and effective classes, Use the following guidelines to coach your participants to success:
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- For safety reasons, the STRONG Nation™ program is not appropriate for anyone who cannot support his/her own bodyweight with good form and alignment. It is recommended that a new participant may need to take some other classes to increase his/her fitness level before taking a STRONG Nation™ class.
- Be sure to always teach a proper Warmup and Cooldown
- Remind participants to hydrate during class; it is necessary.
- Because of the high intensity nature of the STRONG Nation™ program, cross-training footwear with lateral support is recommended. You should not take the class barefoot.
- Follow the intensity guidelines for each Quadrant
- Hold their breath; remind them to breathe and not hold their breath.
- Extend beyond safe ROM (hyper-extension), which can stress joints and connective tissue.
- Perform rapid an uncontrolled movement
- Have poor body mechanics and cannot maintain exercise positions or posture
- Lack core strength to maintain alignment, particularly with plank moves, which can place enormous stress on back muscles and ligaments.
- Continue to demonstrate improper technique, particularly lunges, squats, plank, and plyometric moves. If left uncorrected not only will the full benefit be lost bu it can also be a perfect set-up for injury at high intensities.
- Add Plyometrics and/or speed variables as the only solution to increasing intensity. It is not always the solution with participants who are not physically ready.