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Classical Conversations Timeline

Week 1
Old Testament (Creation)
•The Fall in the Garden
•Cain & Abel
•The Flood
•The Tower of Babel
•The Unification of Upper & Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes
•The Old Kindgon of Egypt
•The First Intermediate Period in Egypt
Week 2
Old Testament (Minoan)
•Minoan Culture
•The Call of Abram
•God's Covenant with Abraham
•Hagar and Ishmael
•Sodom & Gomorrah
•Birth & Sacrifice of Isaac
•The Middle Kingdom in Egypt
•Joseph as a Slave
Week 3
Old Testament (Famine)
•Famine in Egypt
•12 tribes of Israel
•2nd Intermediate Period in Egypt
•Code of Hammurabi
•Hyksos Invasion of Egypt
•Early New Kingdom in Egypt
•Moses Birth
•Plagues in Egypt
Week 4
Old Testament (The Exodus)
•The Exodus
•10 Commandments
•Mycenaen Culture
•Amenhotep IV & Monotheism
•The Reign of Tutankhamen
•Later New Kingdom in Egypt
•Trojan War
•Phoenician Civilization and the Alphabet
Week 5
Old Testament (Davidic)
•Davidic Kingdom
•Solomon's Reign
•Israel Divides into 2 Kingdoms
•Homer & Greek Mythology
•The Olympics
•Founding of Rome
•Greece Colonized, Democracy Begins
•Israel & Judah Fall
Week 6
Old Testament (Prophets)
•Prophets of God
•Roman Republic Develops
•Persian Wars
•Pericles & the Peloponnessian Wars
•Greek Philosophers
•Nehemiah & the Jewish Return
•Alexander the Great
•Alexander the Great Conquers Egypt
Week 7
New Testament (Architectural)
•Architectural Advances in Rome
•Rome Rises to World Power
•Reign of Julius Caesar
•Egypt Falls to Rome
•The Reign of Caesar Augustus
•Birth of Christ
•Ministry of John the Baptist
•Ministry of Christ
Week 8
New Testament (Crucifiction)
•Crucifiction, Resurrection & Ascension of Christ
•Rome Burns, Nero Persecutes Christians
•Destruction of Jerusalem
•Pompeii Burns
•Split of the Roman Empire
•Constantine & the Edict of Milan
•The First Council of Nicea
•St Augustine Converts to Christianity
Week 9
Early Medieval (Barbarians)
•Barbarians Invasion & Vikings
•St Jerome Completes the Vulgate
•The Council of Chalcedon
•End of the Western Roman Empire
•St Benedict & Monasticism
•Justinian the Great
•Mohammed & Islam
•Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, Charlemagne
Week 10
Medieval (Alfred)
•Alfred the Great
•Otto I & The Holy Roman Empire
•The East-West Schism
•The Feudal System
•William The Conqueror & the Battle of Hastings
•Cathedrals in Europe
•The Crusades
•St Francis of Assisi
Week 11
Medieval (Magna Carta)
•The Magna Carta
•St. Thomas Aquinas
•Marco Polo
•100 Years War,The Black Death, & Joan of Arc
•The Great Papal Schism
•John Wycliffe & John Huss
•Prince Henry the Navigator
•Fall of Constantinople to Mohammed II
Week 12
Renaissance (Gutenberg)
•Gutenberg Prints the Bible
•The Renaissance
•The Inquisition
•Columbus Sails to the New World
•Martin Luther Begins the Reformation
•Magellan Circumnavigates the Earth
•Ulrich Zwingli & the Anabaptists
•The Act of Supremacy
Week 13
Discovery (John Calvin)
•John Calvin & The Institutes
•Cortez de Soto, de Leon & Coronado: The Spanish Explorers
•The Council of Trent
•John Knox, The Scottish Reformer
•Explorers of the Northeast: Cartier, Champlain & Cabot
•Raleigh Settles Roanoke
•Jamestown Is Founded in Virginia
•The Mayflower Lands At Plymouth
Week 14
New World (Pilgrams)
•Pilgrims Build Plymouth Colony
•Massachusetts Bay Colony, Home of the Puritans
•Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island
•Salem Witch Trials
•13 Colonies Formed
•The First Great Awakening
•Colonial Trading with England
•The French & Indian Wars
Week 15
New World (Parliament)
•Parliament Acts Unjustly
•1st Continental Congress Seeks Peace w/ Britain
•The War for Independence Begins
•British Lose at Bunker Hill
•America Declares Its Independence
•Washington Commands the Continental Army
•Winter at Valley Forge
•Yorktown & the Treaty of Paris
Week 16
Early United States (The Constitutional)
•The Constitutional Convention
•America's Founding Fathers
•Washington, Our First President
•The Louisiana Purchase from France
•The Lewis & Clark Expedition
•The Second Great Awakening
•The War of 1812
•The Missouri Compromise
United States (The Monroe)
•The Monroe Doctrine
•Traveling the Erie Canal
•Jacksonian Democracy
•The Cotton Gin Establishes the South
•Slavery in the South
•The Cherokee Trail of Tears
•Remember the Alamo
•Westward Expansion
Week 18
United States (War)
•War with Mexico
•'49ers & California Gold Rush
•Opening the Oregon Territory
•Lincoln, The 16th President
•War Between the States
•The Battle of Gettysburg
•Great Generals of the War Between the States
•Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad
Week 19
United States (Reconstruction)
•Reconstructing the South
•Black Leadership Emerges in the South
•The Age of Industry
•The Battle of Little Bighorn
•Cowboys & the West
•The Spanish-American War
•A President Named Teddy
•Immigration to America
Week 20
United States (Wright Brothers)
•Wright Brothers & Other Inventors
•The Great World War
•The Roaring 20s
•The Great Depression
•WW II The Biggest War
•The Cold War, Korea & Vietnam
•The Space Race
•Modern America