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21 terms

Biology - Chapter 9 Vocab

the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a flower
Punnett square
chart used to determine the possible results of a genetic cross
P1 generation
the parent generation when doing a genetic cross
two different alleles in an organism's genotype
the gene that can be hidden when an individual is heterozygous
crossing an individual of unknown genotype with a recessive individual
two of the same alleles in an individual's genotype
F1 generation
the first generation of offspring in a genetics experiment
cross pollination
when pollen from one plant is transferred to the stigma of another
one particular attribute of an organism, such as height or flower color
when both alleles contribute to the phenotype of an individual
the combination of genes an individual has
an allele that can mask the presence of the other allele, stronger gene
complete dominance
pattern of heredity in which one allele can completely hide the other
F2 generation
the second generation of offspring in a genetic cross, produces a 3:1 ratio in a monohybrid cross
the trait that appears in an organism, a description of the organism
Law of Segregation
describes the separation of alleles in gamete formation, each gamete gets just one
one of the alternate forms of a gene for a specific trait
incomplete dominance
when one allele cannot completely mask the presence of a recessive allele
Law of Independent Assortment
describes the random nature of separation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis
the fertilized egg stage in a life cycle