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L.P (Lab 10) Bacterial Transformation-pGLO system

What is genetic transformation?
It occurs when a cell takes inside & expresses a new or foreign segment of DNA- a new or foreign gene
What is the name of the live bacteria we used
Escherichia Coli
What creature was the source of the Green Flourescent Protein (GFP) gene?
What sugar is required to turn on the pGLO gene?
Sugar Arabinose
What gene was included in the pGLO plasmid that provided resistance to the antibiotic allowing the transformed bacteria to survive? What protein (enzyme) does this gene produce?
Genebia, it codes for the protein beta-lactamase which provides resistance to ampicillin.
Which plates contained the transformed DNA?
the plates containing ampicillin.
What light source must be used in order to see the florescence?
Ultra-violent light
What was responsible for the fluorescence? The pGLO plasmid or the protein that the new DNA produces?
The protein that the new DNA produces.
Circular pieces of DNA
+pGLO LB/AMP/ara
-pGLO LB/amp