IB Biology Topic 1-6

Eukaryotic DNA is associated with histones, whereas prokaryotic DNA is not.
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LipidsThe smooth endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the synthesis and storage of? (Topic 1)Blue and green marker dyes fully mixed.Membrane proteins of hamster cells were marked with a blue dye and membrane proteins of human cells were marked with a green dye. What would be seen after the fusion of the cells? (Topic 1)Phospholipids of the bilayer have one fatty acid and a phosphate group.Which of the following is false about the phospholipids in the cell membrane? (Topic 1)To calculate the mitotic index, the number of cells in mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase) must be divided by the total number of cells visible. There are 38 cells in mitosis (9+8+11+10) and a total of 74 cells visible (38+15+21). 38 divided by 74 gives a mitotic index of 0.51 (or 51%), meaning that answer #1 is correct. Remember that being "in interphase" and "not undergoing mitosis" mean the same thing.How so you calculate Mitotic Index? (Topic 1)Mutagens such as short-wave UV, mutations in oncogenes and ability to form secondary tumoursTumours can be life-threatening if tumour cells are able to grow through tissues from their original site, or detach and spread to other organs as secondary tumours. Tumours that can spread like this are called malignant tumours. What are the factors contributing to the development of malignant tumours?Cells come from pre-existing cells.Which statement is in agreement with the cell theory? (Topic 1)Cells can reproduce either sexually or asexually.Which of the following statements does not form part of the cell theory? (Topic 1)Aseptate fungal hyphae are long threads (hyphae) with many nuclei, but no dividing cell walls.What are aseptate fungal hyphae? (Topic 1)They are multinucleated and are much larger than typical cells.Muscle cells do not fit the cell theory because:It is a large and complex cell.Why does Acetabularia challenge ideas about cells?Striated muscle cellmuscle cells have more than one nucleus per cell, they are fibers and are very long, they are surrounded by a single plasma membrane but multinucleated×1000A student observes and draws an amoeba, using the high power lens of a microscope. The diameter of the drawing is 100 mm. The actual diameter of the amoeba is 100 µm. What is the magnification of the drawing?ExcretionThe removal of waste products of metabolism and other unimportant materials from an organism.ReproductionThe production of offspring, either sexually or asexually, to pass on genetic information to the next generation.HomeostasisThe maintenance of a constant internal environment by regulating internal cell conditions.MetabolismThe regular set of life-supporting chemical reactions that takes place within the cells of living organisms.MetabolismWhich of the following characteristics must be found in a structure to indicate that it is alive?