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  1. Geminate
  2. Granule
  3. Dysphagia
  4. Photosensitive
  5. Labiodental
  1. a pertains to the lips and the teeth.
  2. b is a small particle.
  3. c is to arrange or form in pairs.
  4. d denotes difficulty swallowing.
  5. e denotes sensitivity to light.

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  1. denotes having an abnormal fear.
  2. refers to the graphic presentation of images produced by x-ray through motion picture techniques
  3. denotes slow digestion.
  4. is an inflammation of the tissue around a gland.
  5. denotes small heart.

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  1. Ganglionis a small particle.


  2. Dorsolateraldenotes pertaining to the side.


  3. Cutisis a medical word for fingers and toes.


  4. Encephalalgiadenotes pain in the head.


  5. Lateralpertains to the back and the side.