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  1. Photosensitive
  2. Tarsitis
  3. Digitigrade
  4. Microcardia
  5. Dorsolateral
  1. a denotes small heart.
  2. b pertains to the back and the side.
  3. c denotes sensitivity to light.
  4. d denotes walking on the toes.
  5. e means an inflammation of the eyelid.

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  1. is a tumor of nerve cells or tendon tissue.
  2. refers to the name of the membrane that covers the lungs and lines the thoracic cavity.
  3. denotes the formation of collagen, a glue-like substances.
  4. denotes pain in the head.
  5. pertain to the skin.

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  1. Labiodentaldenotes pertaining to the side.


  2. Mammogramdenotes pertaining to the side.


  3. Bradypepsiadenotes slow digestion.


  4. Granuleis a tumor of nerve cells or tendon tissue.


  5. Cheirarthritisis an inflammation of the joints of the hand including those of the fingers.