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  1. Cheirarthritis
  2. Encephalalgia
  3. Mammogram
  4. Proencephalon
  5. Cineradiography
  1. a is an inflammation of the joints of the hand including those of the fingers.
  2. b denotes having an x-ray of the breast.
  3. c pertains to the front of the brain.
  4. d denotes pain in the head.
  5. e refers to the graphic presentation of images produced by x-ray through motion picture techniques

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  1. pertains to the back and the side.
  2. denotes having an abnormal fear.
  3. denotes the formation of collagen, a glue-like substances.
  4. denotes pertaining to the side.
  5. is a medical word for fingers and toes.

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  1. Cutisis a medical word for fingers and toes.


  2. Bradypepsiadenotes difficulty swallowing.


  3. Pleurarefers to the name of the membrane that covers the lungs and lines the thoracic cavity.


  4. Digitigradedenotes walking on the toes.


  5. Labiodentalpertains to the lips and the teeth.