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What are the 9 general first aid rules?
Get orgainzed
Dont move patient
Secondary assessment
Only remove enough clothing to see extent of injuries
Keep victin reassured and comfortable
Avoid touching open wounds or burns with unsterile obj.
Position of comfort (if able)
Litter carry feet first
process of evaluating the urgency of medical need and prioritizing treatment.
Who falls under Class I of Tactical Triage?
Patients who's injuries cause minor treatment and can be sent back to duty.
Who falls under Class II of Tactical Triage?
Patients that require immediate life sustaining treatment that envolves minimal equipment or time.
Who falls under Class III of Tactical Triage?
Patients whom definitive treatment can be delayed with out loss of life or limb.
Who falls under Class IV of Tactical Triage?
Patients whose injuries require extensive treatment beyond immediate medical capabilities, where treatment of these patients would be to the detriment of others.
Who falls under Priority I in Non Tactical Triage?
Patients with Correctable life Threateining illnessess.
Who falls under Priority II in Non Tactical Triage?
Patients with Serious but non life threatining illnesses
Who falls under Priority III in Non Tactical Triage?
Patients with Minor Injuries.
Who falls under Priority IV in Non Tactical Triage?
Patients who are Dead or fatally injured.
What does ABCDE stand for in Primary survey?
What are some signs and symptoms of shock?
Restlessness, Glassy eyes, dialated pupils, Rapid shallow breathing, pale or grey skin, Cool and clammy skin, Rapid and weak pulse, lowered BP, Nausea, complaints of thirst, Fainting.
Heat cramps
muscle pains and spasms that result from the loss of water and salt through perspiration
Heat exhaustion
prolonged exposure to heat, which creates moist, pale skin that may feel normal or cool to the touch
Heat stroke
A medical emergency consisting of a fever of at least 105 F, hot dry skin, rapid heartbeat, rapid and shallow breathing, and elevated or lowered blood pressure caused by the breakdown of the body's cooling mecanism.
the condition of having an abnormally, dangerously low body temperature
immersion foot
Condition resulting from feet being submerged in water for a prolnged period of time, causing cracking and bleeding.
occurs when the body is exposed to subnormal temperatures. Ice crystals form inside the cell, and permanent circulatory and tissue damage occurs.
superficial frostbite
A type of frostbite characterized by altered sensation (numbness, tingling, or burning) and white, waxy skin that is firm to palpation, but the underlying tissues remain soft
Deep Frostbite
- serious injury indicating that several layers of tissue are frozen
- rapid rewarming necessary and tissue may be lost
What are the key points to water purification with Iodine tablets
1 tab per quart in clean water
2 tab per quart in cloudy water
Step 1: Put tabs in container and cover wait 5 mins
Step 2: Shake
Step 3: Loosen cap and tilt container to allow it to get into threads
Step 4: Tighten wait 25 minutes to drink
What are the key points to water purification with calcium hypochlorite
Step 1: fill container with water leaving at least one inch of air space in top.
Step 2: pour half the water into cup and add the cal hypo from one ampule stir with clean stick till powder is disolved.
Step 3: Fill the plastic cap half full with the solution from the cup.
Step 4: mix the solution water into canteen put cap on and shake.
Step 5: open slightly allow water to get in threads.
Step 6 wait 30 minutes before use.
What are the disadvantages to boiling purification
You need fuel to boil
Water takes a while to boil and cool
It needs residual protection againts recontamination
Water must be held at rolling boil for at least 15 seconds to be safe for use.
Cat hole
1 foot wide, 1 foot deep, cover after use (used when on the march)
Straddle trench
4 ft long, 2 1/2 feet deep, 1 ft wide. cover and pack with dirt after each bivouac used for 1-3 day bivouac sites.
temporary encampment