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Day 1 Arrythmias_BC

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characteristics of sinus P-wave
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-Absolute refractory period
•Cardiac cells unable to respond to a stimulus
•Period extends from onset of QRS complex to peak of T wave
*during this time a impulse cannot make it do anything; it wont listen
*the cardiac cells will be unable to respond to a stimulus; it don't matter how strong the stimulus is, nothing will happen.
*this occurs during QRS complex

•Relative refractory period
•Cells repolarized sufficiently to respond to a strong stimulus
*this is when cells are recharged ("repolarized") just enough so that if a stimulus is strong enough something can happen. This can cause a depolarization (aka it can make the heart do something)
*it goes from the peak of "t" to the end of the "t"
*this is called "vulernable period" aka "R on T phenomenon".
`ex: if you deliver a unsynchronized shock and it hits them right here, it can be strong enough to force the heart to contract when it wasn't ready. Which can throw heart into disarray (ex: vfib, vtach, asystole)

•Peak of T wave to end of T wave
•"Vulnerable period" : a strong stimulus may take possession as pacemaker of the heart