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SS Cold War

baby boom

the rapid population increase that took place bewteen 1945 and 1964

United Nations

an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security

Iron Curtain

Term coined by Winston Churchill to describe the division between Communist and non-Communist life

Truman Doctrine

US plan to provide anti-communist aid to Greece and also pledged to provide U.S. military and economic aid to any nation threatened by communism.


American policy of resisting further expansion of communism around the world


an alliance made to defend one another if they were attacked by any other country......inclyded the US, England, France, Canada, Western European countries

Warsaw Pact

An alliance between the Soviet Union and other Eastern European nations. This was in response to the NATO

Marshall Plan

A plan that the US came up with to revive war-torn economies of Europe. This plan offered $13 billion in aid to western and Southern Europe.


capital of Germany located in eastern Germany

Berlin Airlift

Joint effort by the US and Britian to fly food and supplies into W Berlin after the Soviet blocked off all ground routes into the city

Mao Zedong

Chinese communist leader (1893-1976)

Chiang Kai-Shek

Nationalist leader of China


This country was formed in 1947 by the United Nations to give Jews a homeland.

Douglas MacArthur

he was fired after he criticized Truman for not using nuclear weapons against North Korean

Korean War

The conflict between Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea. The United Nations (led by the United States) helped South Korea.

38th Parallel

Line that divided Korea - Soviet Union occupied the north and United States occupied the south, during the Cold War.


Alliance formed to oppose Communism in Southeast Asia

Eisenhower Doctrine

It pledged US military and economic aid to Middle Eastern nations threatened by Communist aggression

Sputnik I

a satellite launched into orbit by the Soviets in 1957. It started the space race.


Formed to create satellites and missiles to compete with the USSR after Sputnik.

Red Scare

period in US when there was a suspicion of communism and fear of widespread infultration of communists in the US govt.


a congressional Committee that investigated Commmunist influence inside and outside the US gov. after WWII

Joseph McCarthy

US senator; claimed that their were Soviet spies and Communists within the government but had no evidence; discredited by the US Senate

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

Sentenced to death because they passed atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets.

GI Bill

Provided for college or vocational training for returning WWII veterens as well as one year of unemployment compensation. Also provided for loans for returning veterens to buy homes and start businesses.

Interstate Highway System

Endorsed by President Eisenhower. Spent $80 billion for construction of 40,000 miles of highway to improve national defense

Benjamin Spock

wrote "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care"


smaller communities surrounding a larger city

Military-Industrial Complex

Eisenhower's term for the close ties between the defense industry and the Pentagon that might influence government policy.


a policy created during the 1950s by the Soviets and the US that if the Soviets (or US) launched missiles at the US and we knew then we would fire everything we had and then the Soviets would do the same resulting in the destruction of both countries.

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