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  1. Pungent
  2. Predatory
  3. Scoff
  4. Swivel
  5. Precedent
  1. a preceding in time, order, 선행하는, 앞선
  2. b to rotate on, 회전시키다
  3. c sharp and strong, 신랄한, 자극하는
  4. d cruelly exploiting the weakness of others, 약탈하는
  5. e to express scorn or contempt for them, jeer, 비웃다

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  1. a dangerous,difficult or awkward situation, 궁지
  2. a feeling of pity or sorrow, 동정
  3. to criticize, 꾸짓다, 야단치다
  4. skill, 뛰어난 솜씨
  5. to yield, 항복하다, cede

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  1. Sojournto stay for a short while, 묵다


  2. Relianceconfident or trustful dependence, 신뢰


  3. Quandarya dangerous,difficult or awkward situation, 궁지


  4. Satiatedto gratify fully, satisfied, 충족된(채워진)


  5. Rancora state of indecision, swamp, 곤경