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  1. Prowess
  2. Scoff
  3. Potency
  4. Rancor
  5. Replica
  1. a power, strength, 힘, 잠재력
  2. b to express scorn or contempt for them, jeer, 비웃다
  3. c skill, 뛰어난 솜씨
  4. d an exact copy, 사본, 복제
  5. e bitter, bitterness, 원한

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  1. a state of indecision, swamp, 곤경
  2. confident or trustful dependence, 신뢰
  3. to deride, 비웃다
  4. to take for granted, 여기다
  5. to criticize, 꾸짓다, 야단치다

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  1. Sojournto stay for a short while, 묵다


  2. Swivelto drive something forward, 나아가게 하다


  3. Pungentto try to persuade or request earnestly, 재촉하다


  4. Visea tool that holds and object firmly, 죄어서 고정시키는 장치


  5. Surrenderto yield, 항복하다, cede