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  1. Surly
  2. Transaction
  3. Prevail
  4. Pungent
  5. Vise
  1. a a tool that holds and object firmly, 죄어서 고정시키는 장치
  2. b sharp and strong, 신랄한, 자극하는
  3. c grumpily bad -tempered, 무뚝뚝한
  4. d particular piece of business, 거래
  5. e to be widespread, overcome, 퍼지다

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  1. confident or trustful dependence, 신뢰
  2. a feeling of pity or sorrow, 동정
  3. to express scorn or contempt for them, jeer, 비웃다
  4. to grow strong and healthy ,번창하다
  5. a dangerous,difficult or awkward situation, 궁지

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  1. Swivelto grow strong and healthy ,번창하다


  2. Surrendersomething that is kept or given as a reminder, 기념품


  3. Predatorycruelly exploiting the weakness of others, 약탈하는


  4. Sojournto stay for a short while, 묵다


  5. Sophisticatedto gratify fully, satisfied, 충족된(채워진)