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ATI critical thinking Exam

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Interpretation question 1:
A company's policy states that employees may take two weeks vacation after they have reached their seventh anniversary with the company. This means that:
a. employees must work for the company at least seven years before they may take two weeks vacation
b. employees who have works for the company at least 7 years take two weeks vacation
c. if the employee take two weeks vacation, they have worked for the company for 7 years
d. all employees take 2 weeks vacation after working for the company7 years.
Evaluation question 1: You are given a prescription for a new drug to treat a long-standing health problem. How can you best determine the side effects that may be produced by this drug?
a. Take the drug until the side effects occur
b. Ask the physician who prescribed the drug
c. Consult another person who has taken the drug.
d. Read research studies related to the drug in question.
Evaluation Question 2: A politician states "scientists argue that global warming is occurring. They cite evidence regarding an upward trend in nighttime temps throughout the USA. However, I know that winters in the Midwest have been colder than normal over the past 2 years. Therefore, I say, global warming is not occurring." The best evaluation of the politicians conclusion is that it:
a. proves there is a relationship between Midwest winters and global warming.
b. considers the importance of two successive cold winters in the Midwest
c. does not consider the relationship between global warming and the Midwest
d. does not consider scientific evidence about nighttime warming trends.