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  1. right of a patient
  3. Charts
  4. 6 C's
  5. C.H.E.D.D.A.R
  1. a Client's words.clarity,completeness,. Concisenes.Chronological,Confidential-
  2. b Considerate and respectful care
    Know your care giver , refuse treatment
  3. c considerate of the pt,refuse tretment,know the cost of care,
  4. d CC,History,Examination,Details,Drugs,assesment ,referral
  5. e legal record of tretment provided

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  1. Helps Patent
  2. giving meds,performing ekg,explaning treatment,treatment to pt...infection control
  3. Provide the advance directive,Participate in the treatment and follow treatment orders,Participate in health care decisions,Provide necessary info abought insurance claims
  4. CLINICAL LABORATORY Improvement act
  5. provide accurate information ,Participate in health care decisions,Provide the advance Directive

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  1. 8 steps for interviewprovide accurate information ,Participate in health care decisions,Provide the advance Directive


  2. MA DUTTIESlegal record of tretment provided


  3. HIPPAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


  4. laboratoryperform simple tets(urine),to collect or prepair lab specimen


  5. personal qualificationcrittical thiniking,attention to detail,willingness to learn, empathy,flexability,self motivation.professionalism


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