44 Presidents

George Washington
Federalist (1789-1797) Cabinet included Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. In his Farewell Address, he warned about getting entangled in alliances with foreign powers.
John Adams
Federalist (1797-1801) A Federalist hailing from Braintree, Massachusetts, he passed the Alien and Sedition acts and made a series of "midnight appointees."
Thomas Jefferson
Democratic-Republican (1801-1809) The Red Fox. Though he had a rather strict interpretation of the Constitution, he is well known for the Louisiana Purchase, a major assertion of executive authority.
James Madison
Democratic-Republican (1809-1817) This diminutive president was "The Father of the Constitution." He was president during the War of 1812.
James Monroe
Democratic-Republican (1817-1825) President during the Era of Good Feelings. Saw the passage of the Missouri Compromise.
John Quincy Adams
Democratic-Republican (1825-1829) Became president thanks to the Corrupt Bargain. Secretary of State under President Monroe, he was the author of the Monroe Doctrine.
Andrew Jackson
Democrat (1829-1837) He created a government by the common man. The revered general of the Battle of New Orleans.
Martin Van Buren
Democrat (1837-1841) 8th president. The first president not born a British subject. Saw to it that Texas was annexed.
William Henry Harrison
Whig (1841) Spent just over a month in office. Administration was largely unproductive.
John Tyler
Whig (1841-1845) The first president to have a veto overridden. A major advocate of state's rights. Ran with Harrison in 1840.
James K. Polk
Democrat (1845-1849) An advocate of manifest destiny. Initiated the Mexican-American war due to a border dispute between Texas and Mexico. The band "They Must Be Giants" created a song about him.
Zachary Taylor
Whig (1849-1850) Mexican War hero. Died after downing a bowel of cherries and milk while debating whether to sign the Compromise of 1850.
Millard Filmore
Whig (1850-1853) After his predecessor died tragically due to some digestive complications, he did what his running mate failed to do by passing the Compromise of 1850. Essentially postponed the inevitable Civil War.
Franklin Pierce
Democrat (1853-1857) A southern sympathizer from New Hampshire. Witnessed the Gadsden Purchase and the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
James Buchanan
Democrat (1857-1861) Pennsylvania native teamed up John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky in 1856. Proved ineffective in preventing the coming storm of the Civil War.
Abraham Lincoln
Republican (1861-1865) 16th President. Served throughout the Civil War Era. The first president to be assassinated.
Andrew Johnson
Constitutional Union (1865-1869) Union loyalist from Tennessee. Impeached after violating the Tenure of Office Act by firing Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.
Ulysses S. Grant
Republican (1869-1877) Former Civil War general. Failed to address the major problems posed by Reconstruction. Administration was characterized by greed and corruption.
Rutherford B. Hayes
Republican (1877-1881) His Fraudulency. Stole the presidency thanks to the Compromise of 1877. His victory brought Reconstruction to an end.
James A. Garfield
Republican (1881) Shot by Charles Guiteau, a mentally ill office-seeker.
Chester A. Arthur
Republican (1881-1885) Ran with Garfield at the urging of Roscoe Conkling, the man for whom he worked. Passed the Pendleton Act and did much for civil service reform.
Grover Cleveland
Democrat (1885-1889 and 1893-1897) The only person to serve two non-consecutive terms as president. Burdened by the economy, Refused to pump more money into it.
Benjamin Harrison
Republican (1889-1893) 23rd president. Passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Served in between Cleveland's two terms.
William McKinley
Republican (1897-1901) Beat William Jennings Bryan in 1896. He engaged in the Spanish-American war against his own wishes. Not much of an imperialist.
Theodore Roosevelt
Republican (1901-1909) The enthusiastic NY governor and Rough Rider leader. Mr. Robinson's favorite president.
William Howard Taft
Democrat (1909-1913) Exercised Dollar Diplomacy. He was unsuccessful in busting trusts like his predecessor. For the baseball fans, he was a second baseman who could hit with power, but a poor base runner.
Woodrow Wilson
Democrat (1913-1921) Former NJ governor. Elected in 1912 because "He kept us out of war." Robinson is not a big fan.
Warren G. Harding
Republican (1921-1923) Slogan was "Return to Normalcy." Administration was extremely corrupt. Famous for the Teapot Dome Scandal.
Calvin Coolidge
Republican (1923-1929) This soft-spoken president succeed Harding. His conservative economic views may have led to the stock market crash.
Herbert Hoover
Republican (1929-1933) Master economist during WWI. Preferred to wait out the depression instead of doing anything.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Democrat (1933-1945)Only president elected to four terms. His New Deal revived the declining economy. Led the US through the tragedy of WWI. Died on the eve of Germany's defeat.
Harry S. Truman
Democrat (1945-1953) The Man from Independence. He opted to use the atomic bombs against Japan to end WWII.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
(1953-1961) Former WWII general. Though he didn't care much for Civil Rights, he defended the Brown vs. Board of Education decision by forcing Orville Faubus of Arkansas to admit nine black students into Little Rock Central High School.
John F. Kennedy
Republican (1961-1963) Beat Richard Nixon in the 1960 election. The youngest president ever elected, he guided the US through the toughest stretch of time in which nuclear war was a possibility. Effectively managed the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Democrat (1963-1969) Succeeded JFK. His domestic program was called the Great Society. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution gave him a blank check for Vietnam.
Richard M. Nixon
Republican (1969-1974) First President to resign. CREEP broke into the Democratic National Headquarters to help him. Initiated Vietnamization, the process of evacuating Vietnam. Famous for finding Alger Hiss guilty of being a communist.
Gerald R. Ford
Republican (1974-1977) Pardoned Nixon after becoming president. OPEC caused serious inflation during his presidency. His slogan for the election of 1976 was, "Whip Inflation Now." (WIN). The result of the election did not reflect his clever acronymn.
Jimmy Carter
Democrat (1977-1981) A peanut farmer from Georgia. Suffered through an energy crisis caused by OPEC. Signed the SALT-II treaty and organized the Camp David Accords.
Ronald Reagan
Republican (1981-1989) Beaming with charisma, he carried out a "revolution" characterized by conservative economic policies. Appointed Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court, the first woman ever to serve. Favored to take a strong stand against the USSR. His SDI or Star Wars program spent the Soviets into the ground.
George H.W. Bush
Republican (1989-1993) Beat Dukakis is 1988. President During Operation Desert Storm. "Read my lips, no new taxes." Went against his no-taxes promise. Economy hurt him while running for reelection in 1992.
William Jefferson Clinton
Democrat (1993-2001) A social liberal and economic conservative, he tallied victories in 1992 and 1996. Hoped to use diplomacy to solve issues in Middle East. Impeached after scandal.
George W, Bush
Republican (2001-2009) Initiated a "War on Terror." Famous for many "isms" and for owning Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers.
Barack Obama
Obama (2009- ) First president African American president. Won in 2008.