Elements of Floral Design

What are the 5 Elements of Floral Design?
Line Form Space Texture Color
What are the 2 Types of Lines in Floral Design?
Static and Dynamic
What is a Static Line in Floral Design?
A line in the arrangement that has no movement
What is a Dynamic Line in Floral Design
A line in the arrangement that creates movement "the unexpected
What does Form mean in Floral Design?
What are the 7 Basic Elements of Floral Design?
Accent, Balance, Composition, Harmony, Unity, Rhythum, Proportion
What are the 8 basic Forms or Shapes of Floral Design?
Arc, Circle or Oval, Curve or Crescent, S-Curve or Hogarth's curve, Right Angle,Triangle, Horizontal, Vertical
What are three Types of Space in an arrangement?
Void Positive Negative
What is a Void in a floral arrangement?
An unintentional space in an arrangement
What is a Positive space in an arrangement?
A space that contains materials or flowers
What is a Negative space in an arrangement?
A space that is intentionally created to draw attention to other parts of an arrangement
What does texture mean?
The condition of a material or flower ie rough, smooth,shiny
What is an Analogous Color Scheme?
A color scheme combining several ajacent colors on the color wheel..such as yellow-yellow orange-orange
What is a complimentary color scheme?
A color scheme containing any 2 hues located opposite on the color wheel
What is a monochromatic color scheme?
A color scheme using only one hue or color on the color wheel. It may contain tints,tones,and shades
What is a split complimentary color scheme?
A color scheme using one Hue with the 2 colors adjacent to it's direct compliment
What is a Triadic color scheme?
A color scheme using 3 colors equally spaced on the color wheel such as red, yellow and blue
What is Hue?
A hue is a color on the color wheel
What are the 3 primary colors?
Red, Yellow. and Blue
What are the 3 secondary hues?
Green, orange and violet
What are the 6 tertiary hues?
red-orange, red-violet
yellow-green, yellow-orange
blue-green, blue-violet
How are secondary hues created?
Combining 2 primary colors
How are tertiary hues created
Combining a primary hue with a secondary hue
How many hues are on the color wheel?
What is the value of a hue or color?
Value is the measurement of lightness or darkness of a color. Tint, Tone, and Shade
What is a Tint?
Any hue combined with White
What is a Tone?
Any hue combined with Gray
What is a Shade?
Any hue combined with Black
What are the Principles of Floral Design?
Accent, Balance, Compostion, Harmony, Unity, Rhythum, and Proportion
What is an accent?
Materials placed in arrangement to create interest
How is Balance achevieved
Symetry or Assymetry
What is Symetry?
Symetry or symetrical mean equal weight on each side of the arrangement
What is Assymetry?
Asymetry or assymetrical means different on each side yet still in balanced as a whole
What is Proportion?
The amount of flowers used in proportion to other materials used. Or how one flower relates to the next ie. size, color or shape
What is composition?
the collection of individual materials to make a complete flower arrangement
What is Rhythum?
Rhytum is movement within the arrangement. It can be seen or non-obvious.
What is Unity?
All individual materials in Flower arrangement must compliment each other and the container
What are the Secondary Principles of Floral Design?
Variation and Contrast, Scale and Transitions, Tension, Repetition, Oppossition, Depth and Emphasis, and Focal Area
What is Variation and Contrast?
Variation is a break in the similarity of an arrangement ie instead of using just roses add a few lisianthus.
Contrast means use variation ie instead of using all orange flowers add a few purple for contrast.
What is Scale?
Scale is the size of an arrangement in relation to where it's placed including all positive and negative space.
What is Transition?
Graduation...how one material relates to the next..ie lighter to darker..bigger to smaller
What is Tension?
The surprise element..The unexpected
What is Repetition?
Repeating an element..repetition can be in the form of line,form,space,color,texture,size, and pattern
What is oppostion?
Opposition means contrast..using opposites creates higher interest...lines or colors etc
What is Depth and Emphasis?
Placing flowers or material at different levels. This creates Emphasis
What is a Focal Area?
The area of the arrangement where the attention is. From there other interesting design comes out. You can use a single or multiple materials or flowers to create visual weight.