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History 1302 Test #4 Review

History 1302 Test #4 Review
What established the Fair Employment Practices Committee to lessen discrimination in employment?
The Civil Rights Act Of 1964
In his program of health care, President Lyndon Johnson secured establishment of what program for the elderly?
The Medicare
The American experience in the Tet Offensive led Lyndon Johnson to begin an effort to do what with the Communists?
To open peace negotiations
For the Communists, what represented a major political victory in the Vietnam War?
One result of what crisis was the "hot-line?"
Cuban Missile
What was a group that sponsored the "freedom rides?"
Congress of Racial Equality
What was the most important stimulus for social change in the early 1960s?
The Supreme Court
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: 1) outlawed racial segregation in public what? 2) outlawed racial discrimination in what? 3) protected the voting rights of who? 4) included what as an unacceptable basis for discrimination in hiring?
Facilities, employment, African Americans, gender
Who was the Soviet leader with whom both Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy had to deal with?
Nikita Khrushchev
In contrast to Eisenhower, Kennedy's staff was heavily populated with what type of people?
Academia and intellectuals
Who was the man selected to serve as secretary of defense by John F. Kennedy?
Robert McNamara
The building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 was meant to keep East Germans from migrating where?
Public confidence in the political system was the greatest casualty of what scandal?
What was the international oil organization most responsible for raising petroleum prices in the 1970s?
Jimmy Carter's most important foreign policy success in Latin America included what treaties?
Panama Canal
In the spring of 1980, the prime rate reached what percent?
For the United States, what was the turning point of the Vietnam War?
Tet Offensive
Nixon gave top priority in his administration to what?
Foreign Policy
The United States resumed relations with China because they believed it would force better relations with what country?
Soviet Union
What treaties involved reductions in the number of offensive ballistic missiles?
Which agreements were more important as symbols than concrete events?
Was increased military spending a part of Nixon's plan to end the Vietnam War?
The 1973 U.S.-North Vietnam agreement was actually a disguised what?
U.S. Surrender
What scandal demonstrated the strength of America's basic governmental institutions?
The Watergate Scandal
The antimissile system based on the use of lasers and particle beams to destroy incoming missiles in outer space was called what?
The Reagan administration's policies in the Middle East and Central America reached a tragic convergence in what affair?
Did the Reagan administration's actions against the drug problem do very much to eradicate the problem?
Did little
Were Marines used to try to seal off the nation's borders from drug exports?
What was the gravest consequence of the 1970s oil shock throughout America?
What movement grew out of the civil rights and antiwar movements?
The women's movement
In 1979, revolutionaries in what country took U.S. diplomats hostage?
As a reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Carter proclaimed a U.S. boycott of what in Moscow in 1980?
Olympic Games
The police beating of who precipitated the Los Angeles riots of 1992?
Rodney King
Who were the fastest growing ethnic group in the 1980s?
Asian Americans
Who were the largest of the immigrant groups in the 1970s, 1980s, & 1990s?
Who was the largest group of Asians in the United States in 1990?
In two terms as governor of California, what former actor displayed a natural ability as a political leader?
Ronald Reagan
During the Reagan years, did the U.S. economy experience steadily declining interest rates after 1982?
What was the entitlement program that was the greatest offender of the growing budget deficits?
Social Security
Reagan was able to please feminists with his appointment of whom to the Supreme Court?
Sandra Day O'Connor
Most of which President's time was taken up with the savings and loan problem and the budget deficit?
The U.S. allied military campaign against Iraq in 1991 was known as what?
Operation Desert Storm
Immigration patterns changed and it was an important shift that occurred in American society during which decade?
The 1980s
By the year 2030, approximately what percent of Americans will be over 65?
Reaganomics was a form of supply-side what?
Who was an individual that was a prominent evangelist and political conservative during the 1980s and he invited Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Mormons and other conservatives to join his Moral Majority?
Jerry Falwell
The central tenet of Reagan's approach to foreign policy was the belief that what country was a deadly enemy that threatened the United States?
Soviet Union
Have Asian Americans found assimilation easy?
The Asian American experience in the United States can be most closely compared to that of whom?
Jews Americans