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Intraocular Inflammation and Uveitis (BCSC Book 9)

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What is the SUN Grading for anterior chamber cell (when visualized with a 1mmx1mm high power beam at 46-60 degrees with full intensity light in a dim room)?
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1. True or false? There is a similar diagnostic value of anterior chamber and vitreous samples in diagnosing infectious causes of uveitis (like HSV, VZV, CMV)?
2. What is the role of systemic NSAIDs in the treatment of ocular inflammation?
3. How do you preform a sub-Tenon injection?
4. Periocular injection of steroid is contraindicated in patients with _____ and _____.
1. If systemic steroid therapy of _____mg or more for more than _____ months is required, you should start immunosuppressant therapy.
2. Which IMT drug is the only one currently FDA approved in the USA for treatment of uveitis?
3. Patients receiving which class of drugs need to be on TMP-SMX for PCP prophylaxis?