US History Chapter 10

By the 1830s southerners began to defend slavery not as a "necessary evil" but a...
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People who wanted to end the practice of slavery everywhere wereAbolitionistsArdent abolitionist who led a raid at Harper's Ferry in VirginiaJohn BrownAfter the passage of the Compromise of 1850, _____ became the final destination for many UGR routesCanadaUGR conductor know as "black moses"Harriet TubmanWhat punishment did John Brown face for his actions at the arsenal in VirginiaExecutionThe principal the united members of the Republican Party was their opposition toThe spread of slavery into the westHow did both Lincoln and Douglas emerge as winners in the Lincoln-Douglas debatesDouglas won the Senate race, and Lincoln won greater recognition from his partyLincoln was the first to win the presidency withoutA single southern electoral voteHow did some southern states respond to Lincoln's electionSecessionHow did Lincoln view slavery's future?He condemned it believing slaves had natural rights, but didn't seek immediate abolitionAnti-immigrant political partyKnow-nothingsThe Constitutional political party nominated him for the presidency in 1860John Bell________ became the first president of the ConfederacyJefferson Davis______ was the winner of the election of 1852Franklin PiercePresident whose death ensured passage of the Compromise of 1850TaylorWhat best explains the dependence of the Southern economy of slavery?The southern economy was rural and consisted mostly of plantationsThe Wilmot Proviso proposed that slavery should be banned fromAll territories won from MexicoWhat was Henry Clays primary purpose in offering the Compromise of 1850To avoid a civil warAccording to the idea of popular sovereignty, who would decide whether slavery would be allowed in a territoryThe residents of the territoryWhat is one way in which abolitionists defied the Fugitive Slave ActNine northern states passed laws forbidding the imprisonment of runaway slavesThe publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin helpedNortherners understand and sympathize with the problems of slaveryWhat was the result of the Kansas-Nebraska ActPopular sovereignty for Kansas and NebraskaWhy did people start calling Kansas Bleeding Kansas?Many bloody confrontations between proslavery and antislavery groups happened thereWhat issue divided the Whig PartySlaveryThe Republican Party was formed by people who, despite their differences, were United in theirOpposition to slavery in new territoriesNortherners who objected to slavery's impact on free white workers were part of theFree-soil partyWhat was an important result of Buchanan's defeat of Frémont in the 1856 presidential electionThe south remained a unionThe Dred Scott decisionRuled that slaves did not have rights and were considered propertyWhat was one effect of John Brown's actions at Harper's Ferry?Increase of tension between north and south