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Bullets -

a symbol used to precede text, usually in an outline or a list

Decimal tab -

a tab that aligns to a certain position anchored by a decimal such as currency or

Default tabs -

preset tabs established by the software

First-line indent -

a paragraph format in which the first line is indented from the left margin and subsequent lines remain at the left margin

Hanging indent -

a paragraph format in which the first line is moved to the left margin and subsequent lines are indented from the left

Horizontal centering -

having equal white space on the left and right of a document

Hyphenation -

breaking words that extend beyond the right margin

Leaders -

a line of dots or dashes used to draw the eye across a printed page, such as a table of contents

Line spacing

the amount of space between lines of text

Paragraph alignment (left, center, right, justify) -

position of text in a document

Paragraph spacing

the amount of space before or after a paragraph

Vertical centering -

text with equal white space in the top and bottom margins

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