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  1. Delete
  2. Proofreading
  3. Font style
  4. Grammar check
  5. Backspace
  1. a emphasis added to text such as underline, bold, italics, etc.
  2. b deleting text to the left of the insertion point
  3. c removing text to the right of the insertion point
  4. d a feature that checks sentence structure and punctuation in a document p
  5. e editing a printed or electronic document for errors

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  1. text automatically moves from one line to the next line
  2. the height of characters in points
  3. the process of organizing files and folders; naming appropriately, using folders, etc.
  4. tool used to look up synonyms for a selected word to add variety and interest in a document, such as a report
  5. formal means of communication outside a business

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  1. Memo -correspondence within a company or organization


  2. Print preview -menu option that allows user to look at a document before printing to ensure proper formatting


  3. Default setting -the current setting or action taken by hardware or software if the user has not specified otherwise


  4. Non-printing charactershidden formatting marks that do not print and are helpful in locating formatting errors


  5. Reportscorrespondence within a company or organization


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