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What is certification?
an official statement that an individual is qualified to do a particular job and has specific knowledge and expertise
Which statement best describes how an entrepreneur is different from an employee?
Entrepreneurs often have more financial risk than employees.
Read the following scenario, and then answer the question.

Adam is a nurse practitioner at a large hospital. His supervisor gives him a list of tasks for the day, which are to assist a physician with a procedure, review some paperwork, and check on patients. The supervisor says that assisting with the procedure is the most urgent task, and the paperwork is least important. Adam first assists with the procedure and then checks on patients. After he has finished checking on patients, he begins reviewing charts.

What is the organizational skill that Adam has used to complete his work?
Why is it important to obtain the proper certification for certain fields of study in the healthcare field?
to prove that you acquired the skills and knowledge to perform a specific job in health care
Which of the following jobs is an example of a clinical career?
nurse who cares for patients in an assisted living facility
Which of the following is the best example of the negative impact that a nurse's job could have on his social life?
frequently misses family events
Which statement best summarizes the certification process for receiving a certification credential?
People have to complete a certification program and pass a test to become credentialed.
Professional behavior is behavior that is appropriate
all workplaces
Which are the two most important reasons for continuing education in the healthcare fields?
technological advancement and new discoveries in health care
Which person could provide the best professional reference?
a direct supervisor from a current summer job
What laws protect employees from certain types of unwanted and uninvited comments, conduct, or behavior?
Sexual Harassment
What statement best describes good interview preparation?
An applicant should be well-dressed for an interview.
Which statement best describes the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Employers should select the most qualified applicants, without regard to disability.
What plan allows a company to take money out of a paycheck and put it into a savings account for an employee?
What is the best way to format a cover letter?
formally, with a heading, introduction, body and closing