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  1. Genesis 1
  2. Borg
  3. atonement
  4. Cyrus
  5. Judas Maccabeus
  1. a early Jewish Zealot who inspired the Hasmonean Dynasty; fought to restore the Jewish temple; started a revolt against Selucid ruler Antiochus Epiphanes
  2. b Creation story where God creates the world in 7 days, ending with man
  3. c who - "The Bible is the human response to God" metaphorical
  4. d ruler of Persia during Israel's exile; allows the first exiles to return to Jerusalem
  5. e the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity); Amends, reparation, or expiation made from wrong or injury

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  1. Israel's secedes from Judah after David/Solomon/Rehoboam creating a _______ _______
  2. when God demands justice from people; when certain individuals (eg. Isaiah, Samuel, Nathan) bring God's truth to people
  3. hinted at in Jeremiah 31:31-33; hope for the future of Israel during their years in exile
  4. God wanted his people to have a(n) _______ King
  5. Jesus only talked about a few things in the Sermon on the Mount (Money, Sex, and Politics), and he made seemingly impossible demands; various _________ with the sermon

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  1. McLarenthis person presents the Conservative Protestant, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Liberal Protestant, Anabaptist, and Liberation Theology versions of Jesus


  2. five act dramaI - Creation, II - Fall, III - Israel, IV - Jesus, V - Church; the Bible as a ____ ___ _____


  3. Davies articleGod/Abraham = a case of male bonding


  4. Son of Godthis phrase of honor for a King, not necessarily a reference to divinity; name for King David in Psalm 2 ___ __ ___


  5. Rehoboamsect of Jews that rose up in armed rebellion against Rome around Jesus' lifetime; unsuccessful, and Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed - Land