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  1. problems
  2. Borg
  3. Brueggeman
  4. exiles
  5. Apollinarianism
  1. a Jesus only talked about a few things in the Sermon on the Mount (Money, Sex, and Politics), and he made seemingly impossible demands; various _________ with the sermon
  2. b after Cyrus' decree, the newly liberated Jewish people return to the promised land; return of the first ______
  3. c the heretical belief Jesus had a human body, but a divine soul (Terminator)
  4. d who - the Gospels are true, but not history; metaphors; contradictions; miracles
  5. e writer who speaks in reference to lament; genuine covenant interaction (false self = bad faith based in fear/guilt); questions of justice (to God concerning neighbor/God)

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  1. the union of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit in one Godhead; the Church's theological perspective of God
  2. passage about Israel's need to continue to thrive in exile in the land God has exiled them to
  3. passage in which David was annointed King of Israel by Samuel
  4. passage refering to a royal coronation; "annointed one" - messiah; "You are my son"
  5. the official name of the 10 Commandments (think Greek "ten words"...)

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  1. Maccabean revoltrevolution led by Judas Maccabeus against the tyrannical reign of Antiochus Epiphanes after his pillaging of Jerusalem's temple during the outlaw of Judaism


  2. covenant formulaJesus (reaffirms/rejects) _______ the old laws when he answers that the greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself.


  3. Hebrew Biblelens for reading, theory of interpretation, reading strategy


  4. Son of Godthis phrase of honor for a King, not necessarily a reference to divinity; name for King David in Psalm 2 ___ __ ___


  5. Davies articleIsrael's secedes from Judah after David/Solomon/Rehoboam creating a _______ _______