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  1. Borg
  2. Jeremiah 5:26-29
  3. intertestamental period
  4. Davies article
  5. five act drama
  1. a time of Hasmonean Dynasty & civil war; Pompey and Rome; period of great Helenization; aka the Silent Years
  2. b I - Creation, II - Fall, III - Israel, IV - Jesus, V - Church; the Bible as a ____ ___ _____
  3. c God/Abraham = a case of male bonding
  4. d passage about wicked people in Israel; God promises His soul's vengeance upon them
  5. e who - "The Bible is the human response to God" metaphorical

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  1. God's covenant with the Israelites; "I AM your God, you are my people"
  2. explanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark and a book of quotes called Q
  3. prophet during the exile; career - Israel must repent; destroyed message; keeps 40 years; imprisoned; rejects comfortable exile
  4. Land, Temple, Torah, and People
  5. succeeds Solomon the wise, king during Israel's secession

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  1. AthanasiusMessiah, Son of God, Son of Man, Lord, Savior, God (Logos); names for _____


  2. Augustinian hypothesisJ - Yahwist (Jahwist), E - Elohist, P - Priestly, D - Deuteronomist; Biblical theory to explain repetition in the Torah


  3. Sabbatical yearLeviticus 25; the seventh year; the soil rested and was not planted


  4. creedIsrael's greatest (human) king; who was chosen by God, although the "weakest" of his brothers; succeeds Saul


  5. creedseveral opinions against having a documented set of beliefs: it's unnecessarily narrow, it's a political power play, and it's too philosophical; these were challenges to the _____