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  1. Solomon
  2. Persia
  3. John
  4. Adoptionism
  5. Attridge
  1. a this gospel portrays Jesus as God made flesh, the Word of God (Logos)
  2. b the "wisest" king of Israel; built the temple
  3. c the third superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Cyrus was King
  4. d the heretical belief that Jesus was adopted as the Son at his baptism and he became semi-divine (Spiderman)
  5. e who - Bible is not strict history, but a story which serves as an ethical guide

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  1. corners of the field passage
  2. the idea of Roman occupation that said it would bring peace through military dominance; partially successful idea of a Roman world
  3. succeeds Solomon the wise, king during Israel's secession
  4. this religious statement makes a truth claim, sets religious boundaries, provides a hermeneutic for reading scriptures, proclaims the belief to the world, and pledges allegiance to the beliefs
  5. Rejected Prophet (acts 7:51-52), Ransom (Mark 10:45), Sacrifice (several), Suffering Servant (Luke 22:36-38), Grain of Wheat (John 12:24), Shepherd (John 10:11), Mother (Matt 23:37), and Foolishness (1 Corint 1:18); images for ______ _____

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  1. New CovenantGod's covenant with the Israelites; "I AM your God, you are my people"


  2. purity lawsJewish laws about physical cleanliness of the body


  3. exegesisthe third superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Cyrus was King


  4. Second Temple JudaismJesus' teaching on important theological issues for Christians today (primarily about money, sex, and politics)


  5. council at Jerusalem(1) Preamble, (2) Historical Prologue, (3) Stipulations [terms], (4) Publication, (5) List of Witnesses, (6) Curses and Blessings, (7) Oath and Solemn Ceremony


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