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Assessment in Action

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You are dispatched to a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle.
~~You are dispatched to a MVC involving a motorcycle.

Upon your arrival, you find a 17-year-old male patient lying face down on the ground.
~~Upon your arrival, you find a 17 y/o ♂ pt. lying prone on the ground.

The patient's breath smells of alcohol.
~~The pt's breath smells of ETOH

He reports a headache and weakness on one side
~~He is c/o and H/A, and hemiparesis

He also reports seeing double.
~~ He is c/o diploplia

Upon examination, you find a 2-inch (5cm) laceration above the left upper quadrant of the abdomen and a gunshot wound to his right leg, above the thigh.
~~Upon examination, you find a 2 in. LAC above the LUQ of his abdomen and a GSW to his R leg, proximal to the thigh.

The patient is coughing up blood.
~~The pt. was exhibiting hemoptysis

His blood pressure is 100/60 mm Hg
~~His BP is 100/60 mm Hg

His heart rate was 90 beats/min
~~His HR was 90 BPM

His pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation.
~~Pupils were PEARLA

His breath sounds were clear and equal on both sides
~~ His breath sounds were clear and equal bilaterally

He has no known allergies and a history of hypertension
~~Pt. has NKA and a Hx of HTN

You treat the patient by placing him on oxygen at 12 L/min via a nonrebreathing mask
~~ You treat the pt. by placing him on 12 LPM of O2 via a NRB mask.

You begin transport of the patient on his left side with an estimated time of arrival in 10 minutes
~~ You begin transport of the pt. in a left lateral recumbent position with an ETA of 10 minutes