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desaix summer 2011 biology 101 unc chapel hill

bottleneck effect

Genetic drift that occurs when the size of a population is reduced, as by a natural disaster or human actions. Typically, the surviving population is no longer genetically representative of the original population.

genetic drift

The gradual changes in gene frequencies in a population due to random events

founder effect

when a few individuals become isolated from a larger population, this smaller group may establish a new population whose gene pool isn't reflective of the source population

batesian mimicry

evolution by one species to resemble the coloration body shape or behavior of another species that is protected from predators by a venomous stinger bad taste or some other defensive adaptation

selective pressure

when the environment pushes an individual or population to adapt or evolve

quantitative inheritance

a phenotypic intermediate between two parents. polygenic traits controlled by more than one locus. ex: height.


the existence of two or more forms of individuals within the same animal species


more than one gene affecting expression of a characteristic

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