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application software

computer software created to allow the user to perform a specific job or task

central processing unit

executes commands from a computer's hardware and software; the principal computer chip that contains several processing components, which determines the computer's operating speed; the "brain" of a computer

file management

A program on a computer that allows the user to create, edit, view, print, rename, copy, or delete files, folders, or an entire file system


data entered into the computer through a variety of devices such as a keyboard, microphone, scanner, flash drive, or mouse


the action of gaining access to a computer or a network by entering a username and password; also called Login/Sign In


computer chips that store data and programs while the computer is working; often called RAM or Random Access Memory

operating system

system software that acts as a "go-between", allowing computer hardware and other software to communicate with each other


a device that allows the user to view or listen to the data a computer processes such as a monitor, printer, headphones, or speakers


additional hardware that isn't necessary for a computer to function, but does enhance how the computer can be used


storing data for later use

save as

a feature that allows the user to change the attributes of a file (such as location, file name, or file type) before saving it

storage device

external hardware used to store and retrieve data, such as a disk drive, CD/DVD drive, flash drive, or tape drive

system software

software responsible for the general operation of a computer system, including the operation of hardware, running application software, and file management

system unit

a computer case that contains the CPU, power supply, memory, and storage

file type

an extension at the end of a file name, indicating which application was used to create a document

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