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Define and state the purpose of FLTNOC

Provide a number of critical IP services to the fleet and act as regional gateways to the DISN IP networks in each of their respective AORs

Sate the location and service provided by UARNOC

*see 102.2 for services

Sate the location and service provided by PRNOC

NCTAMS PAC Honolulu, Hawaii
*see 102.2 for services

Sate the location and service provided by ECROC

NCTS Napes Naples, Italy
*see 102.2 for services

Sate the location and service provided by IORNOC

NCTS Bahrain
*see 102.2 for services

Explain the 3 criteria that must be met in order to receive IP services from FLTNOCs

-Must have a valid Interim Authority to operate or Authority to Operate obtained from NETWARCOM
-Submit an IP services request message in accordance with GCIB 3A
-If service will be provided via satellite comms link, a valid (SAA) for the intended satellite RF path is required

State the DON controlling authority for IP assignments

Navy Cyber Forces Command

State which CIB provides guidance for IP service requests for NIPRNET/SIPRNET

Blobal Communications Bulletin 20H

Name the controlling authority for Navy firewall policies

Navy Cyber Forces Command

Name the instruction that governs all computer network incident responses


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