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21 terms

Expressions of doubt, disbelief, or denial / Expressions of Certainty

to doubt
to deny
no creer
not to believe
no estar seguro/a
not to be sure
no es cierto
it's not true; it's not certain
no es seguro
it's not certain
no es verdad
it's not true
es imposible
it's impossible
es improbable
it's improbable
(not) es posible
it's (not) possible
(no) es probable
it's (not) probable
no dudar
not to doubt
no cabe duda de
there is no doubt
no hay duda de
there is no doubt
no negar
not to deny
to believe
estar seguro/a
to be sure
es cierto
it's true; it's certain
es seguro
it's certain
es verdad
it's true
es obvio
it's obvious