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study guide for the Sullivan College of Technology and Design Art History II final exam covering Cubism through art of the 1980's

Explain what the term Non-Objective means

Abstract. Having no discernable/recognizable images.

How is Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein unusual in regard to typical portraits of women?

He does not try to flatter her or emphasize her beauty, facial features are flattened and distorted, she is presented in a masculine pose of confidence and power and she appears monumental in scale.

Cubism, as an artistic movement, was largely developed by these two individuals:

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque

Was cubism an abstract style?

No, it still depicts specific objects/images

blue period- Pablo Picasso-"La Vie"

This blue period in Picasso's career was largely inspired/caused by:

Death of younger sister, plight of Spanish colonial war veterans,Suicide of close friend over love affair

What does the title "La Vie" translate as?

The Life, the way it is...

Explain the meaning of any one of the figures in "La Vie"

Male figure on left was originally a self-portrait but was changed to the face of Picasso's deceased
friend, the woman may represent the lover, though it does not match portraits of her, the woman with a child on the right was painted from sketches made in a Parisian women's prison and reminds the viewers of a madonna and may also
represent the wife and child that the dead friend would never have, drawings on the wall represent a portrait of Picasso's grief (bottom image) and Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden (top image).

Picasso liked to portray himself in his paintings dressed as this type of clown:

a Harlequin

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

What was the reaction of the other artists and critics when they FIRST saw "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"?

Horror, shock, surprise...Braque claimed that it was like "swallowing kerosene and spitting fire"

Which famous painter actually gave Cubism its name? (After viewing Braque's
"Houses at L'Estaque")

Henri Matisse

Who developed cubist sculpture?

Georges Braque

What sorts of materials were early cubist sculptures usually made out of?

paper, card board, string, wire (disposable materials)

Nude Descending a Staircase (no. 2)

What is Duchamp trying to illustrate through the repetition of forms in "Nude Descending a Staircase"?


The term Dada most likely means:

French: a hobby or obsession, German: a rocking horse, Romanian: yes, yes- a general nonsense, playfulness

What is the term that describes the outrageous art form developed in the Dada
movement by Marcel Duchamp that involved common, found objects


Who was the first fine artist to use the airbrush as a tool?

Man Ray

Man Ray also developed a method of placing objects on light sensitive paper
and moving them around to control exposure time that he called:

Ray-O-Graphs (photograms)

Man Ray "Gift"

Henri Matisse

How did Matisse continue to make art work up until just before his death? (What method was he using?)

by collage: he had large sheets of paper painted in solid colors and then cut simple, re-usable shapes from them and pinned them together to create his designs.

Pablo Picasso

Exquisite Corpse

Describe what is meant by art that is termed "Surrealist":

Art that is very realistic looking but that portrays a strange, dream-like environment that looks like a product of the subconscious mind.

Salvador Dali "Persistence of Memory"

Rene Magritte "This is Not a Pipe"

Why is the inscription "This is not a pipe" at the base of the painting by Rene Magritte considered to be a visual joke?

This is just an image of a pipe, not a real pipe.

Pablo Picasso "Guernica"

The title "Guernica" refers to which historical event?

The bombing of a small, undefended Basque town by German bombers at the request of the fascist leader of Spain, General Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War.

Georgia O'Keefe "Bull's Skull w Calico Roses"

Charles Demuth Precisionism

Grant Wood "American Gothic"

Edward Hopper

Diego Rivera

Jackson Pollock "No. 1" or "Lavender Mist"

What was the name thatJackson Pollock gave to his style of painting?

drip painting or action painting

Richard Hamilton Pop Art

Roy Lictenstein

Andy Warhol

Guerilla Girls

Chuck Close Photo-realism

Richard Estes

Duane Hanson Super-realism

Kieth Haring Graffitti

Kieth Haring hoped to create a language of symbols that would do what?

Form a language that anyone would be able to understand and interpret for themselves without regard to spoken language or cultural background.

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