MA Certification Test

When focusing the microsope, one should begin with which objective?
The lense of a microscope should be clean with what to prevent scratching?
Lens paper
when usng a microscope with a 10x ocular and the 40x objective in place, the total magnification is what?
The term "macroscopic" refers to?
The visual examination of an object with the naked eye
when performing a microscopic urinalysis, red and white blood cells are reported per what?
HPF: High Power Filter
The most common bacteriology stain is what?
Gram stain
Microscopically, an organisim determined to be staphylococcus appears how?
round and grouped in clusters
what bacteria appears in grape like clusters?
Rod shaped bacteria is
Gram staining is done to determine
whether the bacteria is gram positive or gram negative
which of the following would be the most suitable for urine specimen?
clean catch
the term post prandial refers to
following a meal
upon microscopic examination of urine, a urinary tract infection would be indicated by the presence of numerous
white blood cells
when performing a routine phlebotomy, the most common gauge needle is
20 or 21
when performing a finger puncture, the first drop of blood should be what?
wiped away
when collecting specimens for a blood cell count, you would use a tube that contains what?
an anticoagulant
when performing a differential blood cell count a basophil will be recognized by what?
large blue to purple staining granules
the white blood cells most often seen when performing a differential is
segmented neutrophil
under the skin is a term meaning
which is the following needles has the widest lumen?
19 gauge
the nerve to be concerned with when giving an injection into the buttocks is
sciatic nerve
an injection into the tissue between the skin and the muscles is called
intradermal injections are usually given for what?
allergy testing
inside the cells is refered to as
one who studies cells is refered to as
a histologist is
one who studies microscopic tissue
the largest white blood cells are the
the universal donor is what blood type?
blood type: O
If a label on a multi-dose vial of medication reads 80mg per cc and u were to prepare a 20mg injection, you would draw up
large amounts of injectable medication, at least 2ML, or more are given
A medical assistant may give an injection when?
only on the orders of a physician
a term meaning into a vein is called
An injection given at a 45 degree angle is an
A z-tract injection is an ________ injections given in the gluteal muscle of the buttocks
hypertension is also referred to as
high blood pressure
a patient in the prone position is
lying face down
lying on the stomach is referred to as
prone position
alligator forcepts are used to
remove a foreign bodies from the ear
the branch of medicine which used radionuclides in the diagnosis and treatment of disease is
the type of physician that would diagnos and treat disease and malfunctions of the glands of internal secreation is a
Needles are inserted into selected skeletal muscles. When the patient contracts the muscles, the nerve impluses are recorded and the conduction time is measured to detect neuro-muscular disorders or nerve damage. what diagnostic test does this describe?
the outer most cellular layer of skin is called what?
Tiny microsopic projections in the wall of the small intestine, which absorb nurtients into the blood stream, are called what?
villi, villus
An enlargement of the thyroid gland is called a/an
Which wave form would not be seen in a normal EKG?
ultrasound is commonly given with what?
Electrical stimulation
Medcosonlator is indicated for
Ultrasounds should not be used for what?
A technique that employs high frequency, inaudible sound waves which bounce off body tissue and are then recorded, is called what?
Echogram or sonogram
On a normal EKG tracing, the first wave to show a downward deflection is what?
For recording "V 1", the chest electrodes is places where?
fourth intercostal space, right sternal margin
The purpose of applying paste or jelly when running and EKG is to reduce what?
skin resistance
The most common method of marking the EKG is what?
With dots and dashes in a predetermined pattern
The proper marking for V3 is how?
1 dash and 3 dots
The air sacs in the lungs in which the exchange of gases take place is called what?
The serous membrane which lines the abdomial wall is call what?
A substance provided by the stomach, necessary for digestion of food, is call what?
Hydrochloric Acid
The mechanical process of removing waste products from the blood normally removed by the kidneys is called?
The group of glands that secrete substances directly into the blood stream are called what?
Endocrine Gland
The "master gland" of the human body is called what?
pituitary gland
An electrocardiograph is what?
A device to monitor electrical heart activity
The S.A. Node is also called what?
a pace maker
Sensors used for lead 3 are located where?
left arm and left leg
The bat-shaped bone that extends behind the eyes and forms part of the based of the skill is called what?
The sphenoid bone
facial bones that compse the massive upper jaw bones are called what?
maxillary bones
Facial bones that compose the lower jaw is referred to as what?
mandibular bones
The collar bone, a slender bone, one on each side connecting the breast bone to each shoulder is called what?
A bone that is partically bent and broken is referred to as what?
greenstick fracture
When you are asked to take a cervical x-ray, you would take a film of what?
The neck region
Doses of radiation are measured in what?
rods, rems, or roentgens
The small sac attached to the underside of the liver and stores bile is called what?
Insulin is secreted directly into the bloodstream by what organ?
A mild hypnotic drug that is relaxing but does not necessarily produce sleep is called what?
An agent which excites and promotes functional activity is called what?
A medication used to relieve pain is called what?
an analgestic
A substance to stop vomiting/nausea is what?
Under the Controlled Substance Act, those drugs having the higest potential for abuse such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, are under what schedule drug?
Schedule 1
Under the Controlled Substance Act, how man schedules are there?
5 Schedules
Under the Controlled substance Act, over the counter drugs would be under which schedule?
Schedule 5
A patient in the supine position is
lying flat on there back
in the anatomical position, the patient stants how?
Erect with palms turned anterior
The lithotomy position is used when a patient is having what type of examination?
A vaginal examination
A chronic disease
may have a slow onset and last for months and year
Another name for myocardial infarction is what?
heart attack
During galvanic electrical stimulation the patient must be
attended at all time
Excessive tissue formation is referred to as
Drug used to prevent the clotting of blood are called what?
Drug agents that neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the stomach are called what?
A chemical substance that kills living microorganism are what?
An agent which affects blood pressure by increasing the flow of urine and this reducing the volume of fluid in the body is called?
An agent given to counteract an unwanted effect of a drug is called what?
the urinary system is composed of what?
kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra
The approximate number of muscles in the human body is
An inflamed condition of the tendon and tendon-muscles is called
The most important muscles to aid in breathing is called what?
The main upper chest muscle is called what?
pectoralis major
The muscles walls of the heart are called what?
This bone form the forehead and bony sockets which contain the eye is called what?
Pyelolithotomy refers to
incision into the renal pelvis for remocal of calculi
Infections is referred to as
Liver enlargment is referred to as
An abnormal increase in red cells is called what?
Condition in which the heart is unable to pump adequate amounts of blood to the tissues and orans is
cardiac failure
The voice box is called what?q
physiology is the study of
the function of living organisms
Inflammation of the joint and bone if reffered to as
active immunity will be produced when
antigens or microorganisms are injected into the patient
The doctors office is most concerned with what?
civil and criminal law
A prefix is the
beginning of a word
If two combining forms are present then
the least important comes first
A physician's liability for breach of contract is based on what
failure to perform an agreed upon under taking
The term "self" refers to
Prognosis refers to
the prediction of the out come
Resection refers to
the cutting of/ the removal of a portion of
Excision refers to
the act of removing
hysteropathy refers to
any uterine disorder
The most common place to take a pulse is where?
at the carotid artery
A patient with a rapid pulse has
The best respiratory rate can be taken by
watching the patients chest rise and fall while appering to take the pulse
If a carotid pulse was taken, it would be taken at the
Hot packs are a form of physical therapy that provides
superficial heat and moist heat
Palpatation is done by
feeling by touch with the hand
Auscultation is done by using a
A hemostatic forcep are used to
clamp off small vessels and bleeders
The first sound heard when taking the blood pressure is called what
systolic pressure
When applying a cast, the plaster is applied where?
over the stockinette
Bradycardia refers to
slow heart beat
High blood pressure refers to
An instrument to view the eye is an
During an eye examination using the snellen's eye chart, the patient should
keep both eyes open but cover one of them
Hemostats are a type of
Normal oral temperature is 98.6F. The equivalent celsius temperature is
Iron containing pigment is referred to as
Afferent refers to
conducting towards
Atriomegaly refers to
enlargement of the atrium of the heart
When autoclaving instruments the timing period begin when
Aqequate pressure had built up and when the proper temperature has been reached
The instrument used to set up a sterile field is the
Transfer forceps
A diagnostic technique which detects regions of heat and cold on the body is called
Roentgenographic inspection of the spinal cord by use of a radiopaque medium injected into the intrathecal space is called
The application of water in the treatment of disease is referred to as
The word part which means "neck" is
The word part "peri" means
The word part "dys" means
The word part "itis" means
The word part "megalo" means
The suffix centesis refers to
The suffix which means incision or to cut into is
The word part "nephro" means
The word part that means hard is
The word part "stetho" means