The Aztecs focused heavily on _______________, with the exclusive privilege going to the children of nobility
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Where was the capital of the Inka empire?CuzcoUnlike the Mayan and Aztec empires, how would the administration of the Inkan government be characterized?Highly centralizedWho was the Inkan ruler responsible for launching a campaign of conquest in the 1400s and brought the entire 3 region under Inkan control?PachakutiIn addition to massive construction projects like Cuzco and Machu Picchu, the Inka built an extensive road system of over _________ miles, extending from Columbia to Santiago, Chile.24,800 milesWhat was the Inka record-keeping system that used knotted strings rather than writing?QuipuAll of the following were Portuguese goals for Africa under Prince Henry EXCEPT:Finding a faster route to the Indies.What Portuguese explorer traveled to the tip of South Africa but had to turn around due to a possible mutiny?Bartolomeu DiasWhat Portuguese explorer rounded the Cape of Good Hope and established Ports in East Africa and Calicut, IndiaVasco de GamaWhich explorer wanted to prove the world was not flat and reached the Americas (Hispaniola and Cuba) in October in 1492?Christopher ColumbusWhat treaty gave the Portuguese control of the Brazilian coast?TordesillasWhat was the system introduced by the Spanish to regulate and control the labor and behavior of American Indians during the colonization of the Americas?Encomienda systemWhy did the influence of the Church increase throughout the "Conquest of the New World"?Conversions of the Native peoplesWhat is the term for people, primarily in the Caribbean, of black and European descent?CreolesWhat is the term for colonial residents of Latin America during the 16th century that were born in Spain?PeninsularesWhat is the term for a person of mixed racial or ethnic ancestry of mixed African (Black) and European (White) descent?MulattoesWhat is the term for a person of mixed racial or ethnic ancestry, especially, in Latin America, of mixed American Indian and European descent?MestizosIn addition to their superior weapons/technology, what else was introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese that played a major role in the destruction of native peoples?DiseasesWhere did the Portuguese exploit gold, silver and other resources in South America?BrazilWho was the Spanish conquistador responsible for forcing Christianity on the Aztecs and famous for his superior weapons, organizational skills and determination?Hernán CortésWho was the Spanish conquistador responsible for destroying the Inka and was known for being corrupt and cruel?Francisco PizarroMiddle PassageA voyage that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and the West IndiesHeiroglyphicsancient writing system using picture symbols for ideas or soundsCalpulliAztec clans that supplied labor and warriors to leadersThe Four QuartersThe Inca Empire was so large that it was divided into this so it could be ruled more efficiently; the Inca word for this is the 4 Suyu