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  1. preg_match()
  2. count()
  3. strcasecmp()
  4. floatval()
  5. array_key_exists()
  1. a returns 0 if two strings are equal, ignoring case
  2. b accepts an array, returns number of elements
  3. c number, string, or mixed -> floating point number with letters discarded
  4. d 2 args: regex, string -> 0 pattern didn't match or 1 pattern matched once
  5. e accepts 2 args: key, array -> true or false

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  1. reverse sorting of sort()
  2. inverse of asort()
  3. makes letters lowercase in a string
  4. inverse of ksort()
  5. accepts decimal number -> hexadecimal form

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  1. abs()returns absolute value of an argument


  2. strlen()returns length of string


  3. trim()returns a string trimmed of leading and trailing whitespace


  4. strip_tags()removes html tags from a string


  5. explode()2 args: delimiter, array. creates an array using the delimiter to distinguish elements