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  1. foreach($array as $key => $value)
  2. explode()
  3. strtoupper()
  4. ucwords()
  5. krsort()
  1. a inverse of ksort()
  2. b capitalizes the first letter of each word
  3. c a loop with 3 args: array, $key, $value
  4. d makes letters uppercase in a string
  5. e 2 args: delimiter, array. creates an array using the delimiter to distinguish elements

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  1. sorts an array by keys
  2. inverse of asort()
  3. makes letters lowercase in a string
  4. returns absolute value of an argument
  5. accepts 2 args: key, array -> true or false

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  1. substr()removes an array element


  2. strcasecmp()compares 2 strings, returns +#, -#, or 0 based on comparison


  3. array()accepts 2 args: value, array -> true or false. Value is case sensitive for strings.


  4. asort()sorts an array by keys


  5. implode()2 args: delimiter, array. prints out elements of an array separated by the delimiter