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  1. Cave Inimicum
  2. Deprimo
  3. Glisseo
  4. Evanesco
  5. Episkey
  1. a Spell, strengthens enclosers from enemies
  2. b used to heal relatively minor injuries
  3. c causes staircases to turn into ramps
  4. d a very powerful wind that can loosen and/or soften things
  5. e Makes something vanish.

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  1. Causes conjured objects to attack.
  2. Produces fire
  3. Forces opponent to dance
  4. impedes the target's progress towards the caster.
  5. Turns an object into a portkey

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  1. Repello MuggletumSpell, repells muggles from wandering upon something magical


  2. Tarantallegra LeviosaForces oponent to dance and fly


  3. Wingardium LeviosaMakes an object fly


  4. Diffindocauses victim to become confused, overly forgetful, befuddled and prone to follow simple orders without thinking about them


  5. ReductoCharm, used to erect something