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  1. Incpervious
  2. Ferula
  3. Tarantallegra
  4. Sonorus
  5. Meteolojinx Recanto
  1. a Creats fire and repels water
  2. b Amplifies voice
  3. c Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease.
  4. d Creates bandages
  5. e Forces opponent to dance

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  1. Wand acts like a compass
  2. Causes conjured objects to attack.
  3. Makes something vanish.
  4. Spell, provides protection on an area
  5. Reveals human presence in the target area.

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  1. Petrificus TotalusBody-Bind Curse


  2. AnapneoSpell that clears the target's airway, if blocked.


  3. Repello MuggletumSpell, repells muggles from wandering upon something magical


  4. Noxcreates light at wand tip


  5. EngorgioEnlarges an item