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  1. Mobiliarbus
  2. Rictusempra
  3. Langlock
  4. Protego Horribilis
  5. Tarantallegra
  1. a Forces opponent to dance
  2. b Moves objects with wand
  3. c Tickles opponent
  4. d glues victim's tongue to the roof of their mouth
  5. e Provides some form of protection against Dark Magic.

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  1. Makes a magically magnified voice return to normal.
  2. creates a duplicate of any object
  3. Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand.
  4. Negates many spells or the effects of many spells
  5. Reveals invisible ink

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  1. ProtegoCharm, used to erect something


  2. Confringocauses victim to become confused, overly forgetful, befuddled and prone to follow simple orders without thinking about them


  3. Lumoscreates light at wand tip


  4. Impedimentaimpedes the target's progress towards the caster.


  5. EpiskeyCauses conjured objects to attack.