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  1. Silencio
  2. Ferula
  3. Descendo
  4. Ennervate
  5. Salvio Hexia
  1. a Creates bandages
  2. b brings someone out of unconsciousness
  3. c Spell, provides some protection against hexes
  4. d To make things sink, or go down.
  5. e Silences something immediately

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  1. used to heal relatively minor injuries
  2. Turns an object into a portkey
  3. Creats fire and repels water
  4. Creates a Patronus
  5. reates a flock of birds that pour forth from the caster's wand

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  1. Wingardium LeviosaMakes an object fly


  2. ColloportusAmplifies voice


  3. Evanescocauses an object to explode


  4. RictusempraTickles opponent


  5. ImmobulusRenders target immobile.