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The Urinary System

The innermost layer of the kidney is called the _____.

Renal pelvis

The outermost layer of the kidney is called the ______.

Renal Cortex

Anything that will affect reabsorption and secretion in the kidney will affect urine _______.


________ is made by the hypothalamus and secreted from the posterior pituitary when blood pressure decreases or blood ionic concentration increases.

Antidurectic hormone; ADH

Which of the following structures drains into the collecting ducts?

Distal convoluted tubule

Which steroid is secreted by the adrenal cortex to increase reabsorption of sodium ions?


The tube that carries the urine out of the body is called the _______.


Nephropathy is a term for kidney disease especially when there is damage to the nephron's ______ apparatus.


Blood flows from the glomerulus into the _______ arteriole


The kidney are covered by a layer of connective tissue called the ________.

Renal capsule

Blood flows to the glomerulus via the _________ arteriole


Bowman's capsule, the renal membrane that surrounds the glomerulus, is called the ______ .

Glomerular capsule

Which of the following is considered the first segment of the renal tubules ?

Proximal convoluted tubule

Which of the following statements is untrue of the kidneys?

The right kidney is slightly higher than the left kidney

Which of the following is not a function of the urinary system ?

All of the above are functions of the urinary system.

Urinary tract infections are often by _______ bacteria in the urinary tract


Even though this structure is part of the circulatory system, it is included in the discussion of the urinary system.


The patient with diabetes insipidus will have copious amounts of _______ urine


The space inside the kidney is called the renal ____


Blood leaves the kidney is called the ______.

Renal vein

This condition is caused by chronic hyperglycemia

Polycystic kidney disease

This hormone would tend to increase the amount of urine produced.

Atrial natriuretic hormone

Substances that are reabsorbed or secreted in the ascending loop include ___________.

A. Chloride
B. Sodium
C. Potassium
The answer is D. All of the above

This hormone would tend to decrease the amount of urine produced

Aldosterone and Antidureti

One of the most important risk factors for kidney disease is ________,


Painful urination, urinary frequency, nighttime urination, and foul smelling, cloudy urine are symptoms of ________.

Urinary tract infection

Kidney stones can be caused by any of the following except _____.


Diabetic ________ is a type of kidney disease caused by diabetes mellitus .


What are the three processes necessary for the formation of urine ?

Filtration, reabsorption, and secretion

The glomerulus is protected from minor changes in blood pressure by a mechanism called _______


Urine leaves the kidney through the _____.


It is uncommon for trauma patients to _______ a trauma


______ moves fluid and chemicals into the nephron.


Which part of the renal tubular system reabsorbs or secretes the most substance

Proximal Tubule

Frequent urination without pain of infection is a symptom of _______.

An overactive bladder

Which of the following is not a function of the urinary system?

a. Maintaining the proper electrolyte balance in the blood
b. Maintaining the proper pH level of the blood
c. Removing waste products from the blood
the answer is D. All of the above are functions of the urinary system

The process by which most of the material in the nephron moves back into the blood is called ______


The first section of the nephron loop glomerular filtrate encounters is the ___________.

Descending Loop

PKD stands for _______ disease

Polycystic kidney

________ is the inability to control urination

Urinary incontinence

What are the vessels that lead to the glomeruli?

Afferent arteries

This condition is caused by chronic hyperglycemia

Diabetic nephropathy

The juxtaglomerular apparatus of the kidney release a hormone _______

That causes vasoconstriction

The _____ is the functional unit of the kidney


Copious, dilute urine is a symptom of ______.

Diabetes insipidus

Even though this structure is part of the circulary system, it is included in the discussion of the urinary system.


New research has shown that urination is actually controlled by the __________


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