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  1. phylum
  2. genus
  3. cladogram
  4. polar bear
  5. derived character
  1. a Ursus maritimus
  2. b Group of closely related species, and the first part of the scientific name in binomial nomenclature
  3. c characteristic that appears in recent parts of a lineage, but no in its older members
  4. d diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms
  5. e group of closely related classes

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  1. ex. Aves (birds)
  2. Kingdom composed of heterotrophs; many obtain energy and nutrients from dead organic matter
  3. domain of all organisms whose cells have nuclei, including protists, plants, fungi, and animals
  4. ex. Ursidae
  5. Ursus arctos

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  1. Protistaa kingdom of mostly one-celled eukaryotic organisms that are different from plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi; variety of organisms


  2. binomial nomenclaturefirst word is capitalized, second word is lower-cased


  3. classex. Amphibia (amphibians)


  4. orderMost inclusive taxonomic category; larger than a kingdom


  5. Carnivoramade up of Ursidae, Canidae, & Felidae