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  1. Plantae
  2. Mammalia
  3. domain archaea
  4. family
  5. class
  1. a Any of various single-celled prokaryotes whose cell walls dont contain peptidoglycan and their membranes contain unusual lipids, often thriving in extreme environmental conditions
  2. b made up of Carnivora ( & Herbivora?)
  3. c multicellular, photosynthetic autotrophs
  4. d ex. Amphibia (amphibians)
  5. e Group of genera that share many characteristics.

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  1. ex. Reptalia (reptiles)
  2. discipline of classifying organisms and assigning each organism a universally accepted name
  3. method of grouping organisms together according to their evolutionary history
  4. diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms
  5. ex. Aves (birds)

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  1. phylumthe study of evolutionary relationships among organisms


  2. molecular clockUrsus maritimus


  3. classex. Mammalia
    (are warm-blooded, have body hair & produce milk for their young)


  4. kingdomex. Animalia or Plantae


  5. familyex. Felidae