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  1. Ursidae
  2. kingdom
  3. class
  4. family
  1. a ex. Felidae
  2. b made up of Ursus & Ailuropoda
  3. c ex. Animalia or Plantae
  4. d ex. Reptalia (reptiles)

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  1. Most inclusive taxonomic category; larger than a kingdom
  2. domain of all organisms whose cells have nuclei, including protists, plants, fungi, and animals
  3. a system for giving each organism a two-word scientific name that consists of the genus name followed by the species name
  4. ex. Ursus
  5. Group of closely related species, and the first part of the scientific name in binomial nomenclature

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  1. domain BacteriaThe domain of single celled, prokaryotes with cell walls that contain peptidoglycan and circular chromosomes;SOME NEED OXYGEN, SOME DONT


  2. cladogramdiagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms


  3. familyex. Ursidae


  4. familyex. Canidae


  5. orderex. Reptalia (reptiles)