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  1. class
  2. family
  3. order
  4. taxon
  1. a Group or level of organization into which organisms are classified
  2. b ex. Amphibia (amphibians)
  3. c ex. Ursidae
  4. d a broad taxonomic categorycomposed of similar orders

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  1. Most inclusive taxonomic category; larger than a kingdom
  2. made up of Carnivora ( & Herbivora?)
  3. ex. Ailuropoda
  4. characteristic that appears in recent parts of a lineage, but no in its older members
  5. ex. Felidae

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  1. evolutionary classificationmodel that uses DNA comparisons to estimate the length of time that two species have been evolving independently


  2. phylumthe study of evolutionary relationships among organisms


  3. Protistamade up of Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, & all classes of fish


  4. genusex. Ursus


  5. CarnivoraKingdom of the most complex organisms; multi-cellular, heterotrophic, lack rigid cell walls, mobile,


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