Chap 13

The adult years are difficult to divide into discrete periods because
the timing of important milestones varies greatly among individuals.
Free radicals are thought to be involved in
disorders of aging.
In adults, a gradual drop in growth hormone is associated with
loss of muscle and bone mass.
Which of the following individuals has a higher risk of hypertension and heart disease?
Sharese, an African-American female
Which of the following athletes' skills will probably peak latest in life?
Rolf, a long-distance runner
__________ show(s) strong and continuous relationships with almost every disease and health indicator.
Income, education, and occupational status
When overweight and obesity rates are combined, ____ percent of Americans are considered to be at an unhealthy weight.
Nadine, an average-weight adult, gained a small amount of weight between the ages of 25 and 50. Nadine should know that
this is a normal part of aging, resulting from a drop in basal metabolic rate.
Which of the following is true about cigarette smoking?
Most smokers picked up their habit before age 21.
Contemporary men and women
differ little in average number of lifetime sexual partners.
Which statement most accurately reflects the sentiments of most Americans toward gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals?
Most Americans support civil liberties and equal employment opportunities for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.
Which of the following is an accurate statement about sexual coercion?
People of all SES and ethnic groups are offenders and victims.
Cross-cultural studies find that premenstrual syndrome is
equally common all over the world.
In college, Edward came to the realization that his own beliefs were often subjective. He noted that his roommate, who held vastly different beliefs from his own, had his own "truth." Edward was engaged in
relativistic thinking.
With the birth of Brenda's first child, she felt more fulfilled than ever before. However, she also acknowledged feelings of concern and fear over being able to meet all of her parental responsibilities while maintaining personal happiness and satisfaction. Brenda's thinking reflects
cognitive-affective complexity.
Which of the following is true about creativity in adulthood?
Creativity is a function of "career age," not chronological age.
_________________ is one of the most consistent predictors of cognitive change in students during the college years.
Residence hall living
Which of the following women is most likely to thrive in a nontraditional career?
Raelynne, whose three aunts have successfully dealt with family-career role conflict
Chris is a nurse. Because of his male minority status in the nursing field,
his co-workers may assume that he is more knowledgeable than he actually is.
During the realistic period of vocational development, the first step is often ________ and the final phase is ________________.
exploration; crystallization