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You are conducting the hurdle stop movement screen and take note that there is a major discrepancy between the right and left legs. Which exercise would you want to avoid until the discrepancy has been approved
A. Plank
B. Step ups
C. Bilateral squat
D. Split stance squat
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A member of the health club is found by a treadmill unconscious. The victim is unable to speak, so the EMS is called. You have assessed respirations and cannot detect a breath. What is the next step of the assessment?
A. The rescuer should check for a pulse at the carotid artery
B. The rescuer should give two breaths into the mouth
C. The rescuer should start chest compressions
D. The rescuer should perform a heel shin lift to open the airway
Katherine is a new client who has paid for five one-hour training sessions. In order for you to retain her as a long-term client it is important that you develop a long-term exercise plan based on which of the following concepts?
A. Concept of Self-efficacy
B. Concept of periodization
C. Concept of load training
D. Concept of assisted training
Which of the following best describes the principle of training overload?
A. Exercising the appropriate muscles
B. Applying the appropriate amount of resistance for the desired outcome.
C. Exercising within the range of anaerobic glycolysis.
D. Gradually adding more resistance than the muscles have encountered.
What is the objective of myofascial release technique?
A. To produce a gradual increase in muscle extensibility
B. To place dresses along the collagen fibers, remodeling them as they pull apart and lengthen tissue
C. To inhibit the tension in a muscle by stimulating the GTO to bring about autogenic inhibition
D. To stimulate low-grade muscle spindle activity and a temporary increase in muscle tension tension