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What abdominal quadrant has the (majority) of the Pancreas


What abdominal quadrant has the (small portion) of the Liver



Small inestines,Colon,Ureter,Fallopian,Ovary, Appendix


Small Intestines,Colon,Kidney,Pancreas(majority), Liver(small portion),Spleen,Stomach,

Divides the body into front & back portions

Frontal/Coronal Anterior (ventral) Posterior (dorsal)

Divides the body into upper & lower

Transverse/Horizontal Superior (cephalic) Inferior (caudal)

Divides the body into right & left

Sagittal/Median Lateral & Medial

What quadrant has small portion Pancreas


What quadrant has Majority Liver


What quadrant has the spleen


What quadrant contains the appendix



Small intestines,Colon,Ureter,Fallopian,Ovary, Appendix


Small intestine, Colon, Kidney, Liver (small portion) Pancreas (large portion),Stomach, Spleen


Small Intestine,Colon, Kidney, Liver (majority),Pancreas (small portion) Gallbladder

What quadrant contains Gallbladder


Midline organ

structureUrinary bladder, uterus, prostate

Which quadrant contains Majority of the Pancreas


Small portion of Pancreas Which quadrant


S portion Liver Which quadrant


Which quadrant Majority of the Liver


Midline Area

Bladder, female-Uterus, & male-Prostate

Epigastric region location

Middle upper row

Hypochondriac region location

Right and Left upper rows

Umbilical region

Middle of the tic tac toe

Hypogastric region

Middle lower row

lumbar region location

Middle row Right & Left

Umbilical location

Central area over the navel.

Left Lumbar location

Left lateral region middle row at the waist.

Right Lumbar Region location

Right lateral region middle row at the waist.

Hypochondriac Region

Left & Right lateral region of upper row beneath the lower ribs

Epigastric Region location

Upper row middle above the stomach

Hypogastric Region

Lower row Middle Region beneath the naval

Where is the left iliac

Left lateral region of the lower row at the groin.

Where is the right iliac

Right lateral region of the lower row at the groin.

What abdominal quadrant has the (majority) of the Pancreas


What abdominal quadrant has the (small portion) of the Liver


the upper midportion of the abdomen is called the?

epigastric region

which of the following organs is located in the pelvic cavity?

urinary bladder

Right iliac located

Bottom row one on right & one on the left

Which of the following is located beneath the diaphragm in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity?


Which of the following anatomical regions of abdomen lies just distal to the sternum?

epigastric region

Which of the following cavities are separated by the diaphragm?

Thoracic and abdominal

The anatomic location of the spinal canal is


A patient sustains severe blunt trauma to the left upper abdomen and requires surgery. The body organ most likely to be involved is the


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