Leukemia & Lymphoma

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)
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Malignant Lymphomas (generally)first sign is painless, enlarged lymph node in neck -diagnosed by biopsyNon-Hodgkin's Lymphoma83% of lymphoma cases, older men -malignant transformations of **either T or B lymphocytes or NK cells** -lymphatic blockage, nerve impairment (numbness) -stages (1-4) means how many lymph nodes are affects and how many sides of the diaphragm has it spreadHodgkin's Lymphoma15-20 yrs and 50 yrs or older -abnormal B lymphocyte (**Reed-sternberg cell**) -typically starts in the lymph nodes in the upper tract in the neck, then spreads to contiguous nodes -sore throatMultiple MyelomaBlack men -proliferation of abnormal plasma cells in bone marrow = abnormal Igs -** leading to bone destruction** -**bone pain in back*** -other general symp