Victim Service Delivery

adequate protection from ____ or ____ that may result from ____
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be informed about/referred to other ____social service agenciesbe informed of the defendant's right to ____bailgeneral information about the legal ____processto be notified of important court ____datesbe informed of important ____ (ex: case dispositions, appellate decisions, etc.)outcomesbe informed about and participate in ____ hearingsparolebe notified about any changes in the offender's ____ (ex: release, transfer, escape, etc.)custody statusbe notified by CSCD (Community Supervision and Corrections Dept.) if a defendant is placed under ____, along with the conditions, and any modification/revocation hearingscommunity supervisioncomplete a ____victim impact statementhave their ____ considered by the prosecutor and judge when making decisions about ____ and ____VIS; pleas; sentencing____ after sentencing is imposedallocutionhave their VIS considered by the ____ boardparoleprovide pertinent information to the ____ department (ex: to assist officials when monitoring the offender and apprise them of violations)probationprovide impact information to the ____ if the offender is a minorjuvenile court(in case of sexual assault) have a forensic exam within ____ hours of the assault96(in case of sexual assault) have ____ for AIDS/HIVcounseling/testing(in case of sexual assault) have an ____ present during the forensic examadvocatebe present at all public hearings subject to the ____'s approvaljudge(for family violence/sexual assault victims under 17) have the court consider the impact before granting the defendant a ____continuancehave the DA's office provide their ____ with documentation of any case-related work absencesemployerprompt return of ____ seized as evidence after it is no longer neededproperty____, as ordered by the courtrestitutionrequest victim-offender mediation through the ____Texas Department of Criminal Justice(in case of sexual assault), ____ shall pay for the forensic examination when the victim files a reportlaw enforcement(in case of sexual assault), law enforcement shall be reimbursed by the ____ when the victim files a reportOffice of Attorney General(in case of sexual assault), the victim may have a forensic exam without filing a police report. In such cases, ____ pays for the exam and is later reimbursed by ____Department of Public Safety; The Office of the Attorney General(in non-report sexual assault cases), the forensic evidence may be stored for up to ____ years2(in case of sexual assault), the court may order that the offender be tested for ____HIV/AIDSpolice may deny a request for a sexual assault forensic exam if there is a history of ____ and no other ____false reporting; corroborating evidencewit respect to victim rights, in the state of Texas, a "crime victim" refers to a ____, the ____, or ____primary victim; a deceased victim's immediate family member; a minor victim's legal guardian