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Chapter 6 Vocab


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the process by which products of weathering are moved from one place to another.
the process by which sediments are laid down in new locations
Mass Wasting
the downhill movement of sediments due to gravity
Sand Dune
a mound of sand composed by the wind
accumulations of fine particles of sand and silt deposited by the wind
the amount of sediment carried by a stream
Drainage System
the network of streams and other bodies of running water that ultimately drain into an area's main river
a large stream or small river that flow's into an area's main river
Drainage Basin
the area drained by a main river and its channels
Immature River
a river in an early stage of development
Mature River
a river that has been developing for many thousands of years
a loop in a river
Oxbow Lake
a U-shaped lake formed when erosion and deposition cuts off a meander of a river
Alluvial Fan
a fan-shaped deposit of sediments formed at the point where a river leaves the mountains and runs out onto a plain
a triangular formation of sediments deposited at the mouth of a large river that flows into a lake or ocean
Flood Plain
a flat area that is found on both sides of a river or stream and is formed by sediments deposited during floods
in nature, a ridge-like deposit along the sides of a river
a large mass of moving ice and snow
the rocks and debris deposited directly by a glacier
a ridge of till left behind by a retreating glacier
an oval-shaped mound of till
formed by the water from melting ice or snow; water from melting ice or snow
Out-Wash Plain
flat, fan-shaped areas in front of terminal moraines formed by sediments deposited by rivers of glacial meltwater
a part of a glacier that has broken off and drifted into the sea
Kettle Lake
a round, deep lake formed by a huge block of ice left behind by a glacier
Sea Cliff
a steep face of rock produced by wave action
a flat platform of rocks, sand, and silt at the base of a sea cliff
Sea Stack
a column of resistant rock left behind after a sea cliff has been eroded away
Sea Cave
a hollowed out portion of a sea cliff
Long-Shore Current
the movement of water parallel to a shoreline
Sand Bar
a long, underwater ridge of sand
a sandbar connected to the shoreline