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what are the different type of ejectors

main, scavanger, transfer

how does fuel circulate

motive flow

scavenger ejectors

send fuel from wing to collector tank 2 in each wing

transfer ejectors

send fuel from center tank to wing

fuel capacity

pressure 7492, gravity 7405

center tank

4610 lbs

naca scoops

provide pressure for the fuel tanks


fuel system computer 2 channels calculates fuel quantity and control fuel balance and monitor feed

fsc controls

refuel/defuel cross flow, fuel transfer, quantity and bite test


6 probes in each main tank and 3 in center measure fuel level


in each main near inboard bulkhead measures density and send fsc fuel quantity info

fuel temp indications

bluk is in the right main on synoptic page and after heat exchanger is in boxes

gravity feed

flapper valves on collector tanks

on Dc power only what boost pump will work


fuel auto transfer from center when

either wing is 93% full or less and runts till at 97%

fuel cross flow

between main tanks auto when one is 200lbs off from the other stops when low side is 50lbs heavier low side light comes on

cross flow manual by

pressing xflow auto overide switch does not auto shut off

gravity crossflow

manuallly between main tanks when power crossflow isnt functioning via SOV controlled by press gravity xflow switch and side-slipping

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