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Blood test tube colors & additives (52-1)

Blood and body fluid cultures
test in yellow tube
serum testing: chemistry studies, blood bank, serology, rubella, digoxin, lithium, dilantin
test in red tube
serum testing wih serum separator tube (SST)
test in red-gray tube (tiger top) tube
coagulation testing: Prothrombin, coumadin, heparin, INR
test in light blue tube
chemistry testing: lipid profile
test in green tube
plasma determinations in chemisry studies
test in green-gray marbled tube
STAT serum demonstrations in chemistry studies
test in yellow-gray marbled tube
hematology testing: CBC, RPR, hematocrit, platelet, WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, differnential
test in lavendar tube
chemistry testing, especially glucose and alcohol levels,
test in gray tube
chemical trace elements
test in royal blue tube
sodium polyanetholsulfonate (SPS)
additive in yellow tube
no additives in this tube
additive in red tube
no additive but contains silica particles to enhance clot formation
additive in tiger-top tube
sodium citrate
additive in light blue tube
heparin (sodium/lithium/ammonium)
additive in green tube
lithium heparin and gel for plasma separation
additive in green-gray marbled tube
additive in yellow-gray marbled tube
EDTA (ethlenediamietetraacetic acid)
additive in lavendar tube
potassium oxalate and sodum fluoride
additive in gray tube
sodium heparin
additive in royal blue tube