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Art History, Ch 1 - Art Before History

"Gardner's Art Through the Ages" Thirteenth Edition. Backpack Edition. "Antiquity". Chapter 1 - Art Before History. (pg 1 - 15).
Huge stones arranged in a circle are known as a _____.
The Lascaux caves are located in _____.
bovine skulls
"Bucrania" are _____.
The Apollo 11 Cave is located in _____.
Where did humankind seem to originate?
Altamira Cave is located in _____.
mammoth ivory
"Human with Feline Head" discovered in Hohlenstein-Satdel, Germany is carved from _____.
lack of streets
A peculiar feature of Catal Hoyuk was its ______.
Intensified food gathering and the taming of the dog occurred during the _____ period.
Mesolithic era
The transitional period known as the _____ occurred when Europe became climatically, geographically and biologically much as it is today.
melting ice
What was the environmental condition of Northern Europe around 9000 B.C.?
Some scholars think the negative handprints are _____.
The 1880 Lisob Congress on Prehistoric Archeology dismissed the cave paintings of _____ as forgeries.
astronomical observatory
Most archeologists consider Stonehenge to be an accurate _____.
fertility figure
"The Venus of Willendorf" is thought to be a _____.
"Laussel Woman"
The _____ is one of the earliest relief sculptures known.
Ain Ghazal
Which of the following marked the beginning of monumental sculpture?
The world's earliest datable painting can be found in _____.
Agriculture and stock raising became humankind's chief source of food during the _____ period.
Anatolian Plateau
Hacilar and Catal Hoyuk are located on the _____.