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"Gardner's Art Through the Ages" Thirteenth Edition. Backpack Edition. "Antiquity". Chapter 5 - Ancient Greece. (pg 85 - 141).


The first truly monumental stone statues of the Greeks followed the ________ canon.

480 B.C.E.

The Persians sacked the Athenian Acropolis in ________.


The pronounced swelling at the middle of the column shaft is called ________.


The acknowledged master of the black-figure technique was ________.


________ was interested in showing human anatomy convincingly, but also showing the figure occupying space.


"Diskobolos" (Discus Thrower) was created by ________.

Delian Treasury

In 454 BCE, the ________ was transferred to Athens ostensibly for security reasons.


Kresilas was the sculptor of the portrait bust of ________.


Plutarch claimed that ________ was in charge of the entire Periclean Acropolis project.


Mnesikles was the architect of note for the ________, the monumental entrance to the Acropolis.

Temple of Athena Nike

Another Ionic building on the Athenian Acropolis is the ________, designed by Kallikrates.

Polygnotos of Thasos

The leading painter of the first half of the fifth century BCE was ________.


________ was one of the leading sculptors of the fourth century BCE.


________ was the capital of Macedonia.

corinthian capital

The earliest instance of a/an ________on the exterior of a Greek building is the Choragic Monument of Lysikrates.


The Altar of Zeus, Pergamon, presents in mythological disguise the victory of Attalos I over the ________.


Athanadoros, Hagesandros and Polydoros are thought to be the three Rhodian sculptors who created the ________.


Statues of the aged and the ugly can be found in the ________ period.


The redefinition of portraiture was one of the great achievements of ________ artists.


________, Skopas and Lysippos made bold steps in humanizing the gods of Greek statuary in the fourth century BCE.

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