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"Gardner's Art Through the Ages" Thirteenth Edition. Backpack Edition. "Antiquity". Chapter 6 - The Etruscans. (pg 143 - 155).

death demons

"Charuns" are Etruscan ________.

clasp or safety pin

A "fibula" is a ________.


By the eighth and seventh centuries BC, the Etruscans were skilled seafarers and enriched themselves via ________.


An egg is the symbol of ________.


Modern researchers have theorized that the Etruscans came to Italy from the ________.

first millennium BCE

The Etruscan people were likely descended from native and immigrant populations that had gradually mixed during the________.


The Etruscan city of ________ formed an alliance with Rome in the third century BCE.


The Apulu (Apollo) is made of ________.

first century BCE

Roman hegemony over the Etruscans became total in the ________.

Greek invention

The chimera, a composite beast, is a/an ________.

"Porta Marzia"

The ________ typifies Etruscan adaptation of Greek motifs, such as pilasters to frame a rounded opening.


The Greeks referred to the Etruscans as ________.

Tomb of the Reliefs

The most elaborate of the underground tombs in Cerveteri is the so-called ________.


The heartland of the Etruscans was the territory between the Arno and Tiber Rivers of ________ Italy.

Etruscan workshop

The "Capitoline Wolf" is a product of a/an ________.


The workshop of Novios Plautios was located in ________.

mound or tumulus

The typical tomb at Cerveteri took the form of a ________.


________ fell to the Romans in 396 BC after a ten-year siege.

Etruscan god

Who or what is Tinia?


Which of the following was a tool used by archaeologists to explore tomb interiors at Tarquinia without the expensive and time-consuming excavation process?

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