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Salinity is commonly measured using which unit?
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What is the best definition of alkalinity?The measurement of the pH buffering capacity in waterA solution with a pH of 7 is considered to be:neutralList, in order of nitrification, the major compounds associated with the nitrogen cycle as it pertains to aquatic system health.Ammonia, Nitrite, NitrateWhich of the following is true about NH​3-​ N?The NH​3-​ N form uses the molecular weight of only the nitrogen atomsWhich of the following do not contribute to Conductivity/Salinity?OxygenWhat wavelength is considered part of the Visible Spectrum?500 nmWhat is the volume of water in this graduated cylinder?6.6 mLWhen analyzing ammonia, a technician analyzed spiked a sample containing 0.05 ppm ammonia as N with a standard, adding 0.10 ppm ammonia as N. When she reads the value of her LFM on the spectrophotometer, she sees a result of 0.05 ppm. Her LFB was spiked with 0.10 ppm ammonia as N and her result was 0.09 ppm ammonia as N. What corrective action is appropriateRe-prepare LFM and if it still fails, consider using a different methodThe veterinary staff indicated an elevated presence of goiters in your saltwater fish tank. He/she indicated that this is due to the reduced amount of iodine in the water. What could be the cause of the problem?Ozonation disinfectionWhen a measurement is repeatable and consistent it is said to have:High precisionWhich of the following errors can be traced to defective equipment?Systematic ErrorsA freshwater system with a carbon filter is tested weekly for chlorine, with a normal result of 1.0ppm pre-filter and n/d post-filter. A DPD test today shows a value of 0.8ppm post-filter. After performing a retest and getting a similar result, what is the ​next​ thing you should do?Check the date the carbon in the filter was last changedSDS is short for:Safety Data SheetWhat is the preferred glassware to use when doing a dilution?Volumetric FlaskWhat should be added to a sample taken from a chlorinated mammal pool for coliform testing?Sodium thiosulfate