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  1. Characteristics of national origin or distinctive cultural patterns are used primarily by a society to set apart:
  2. Karl Marx used the term proletariat to refer to:
  3. According to the Census Bureau, what percentage of women who are pregnant with their first child work full time?
  4. Talcott Parsons' functionalist view of society as tending toward a state of stability or balance is known as:
  5. 169 countries not including the U.S. have signed this agreement intended to reduce global emissions of heat-trapped gases.
  1. a Kyoto Protocol
  2. b 57 percent
  3. c ethnic groups.
  4. d the working class
  5. e the equilibrium model.

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  1. Racial and ethnic minorities possess less power than others AND economics and discriminatory forces push them to live in these places
  2. an economic system under which the means of production and distribution are collectively owned
  3. the tendency to assume that one's own culture and way of life are superior to all others
  4. Millenium Project
  5. estate system.

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  1. The process that allows for the transfer of the legal rights, responsibilities, and privileges of parenthood to a new legal parent or parents is referred to as:adoption


  2. Which of the following statements about slavery is true?It is considered the most extreme form of social inequality.


  3. Wealth is:all of a person's material assets, including land, stocks, and other types of property


  4. The "correspondence principle" refers to the tendency ofschools to promote the values expected of individuals in each social class and to prepare students for the types of jobs typically held by members of their class


  5. An invisible barrier that blocks the promotion of a qualified individual in a work environment because of the individual's gender, race, or ethnicity is known as:a glass ceiling.


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