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  1. 30 percent of U.S. couples share most of the housework while 25 percent in Great Britain do; what percent share the housework in Japanese households?
  2. What is the difference between a family and a kin group
  3. Organized collective activities that address values and social identities as well as improvements in the quality of life are called:
  4. What is the general term for a marriage in which an individual can have several husbands or wives at the same time
  5. A married couple and their unmarried children living together constitute a (an)
  1. a new social movements.
  2. b nuclear family
  3. c polygamy
  4. d 4 percent
  5. e The family is a household unit, and kin do not always live together

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  1. A) All of these are correct!***********
    B) race
    C) social class
    D) gender
  2. dictatorship
  3. Talcott Parsons.
  4. Terrorists admit responsibility for the attack
  5. experience.

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  1. A significant rise in the earth's surface temperatures can cause which of the following to happen?A) shrink lakes and rivers
    B) torrential downpours including typhoons
    C) increase the likelihood of wildfires
    D) all of these******


  2. Capitalism is an economic system in which:large, organized religion that is not officially linked with the state or government


  3. Federal Title IX policies require schools toA) all of these answers are correct!*********
    B) end sex discrimination in admissions and financial aid.
    C) eliminate sex-segregated classes.
    D) give girls more opportunities to play sports.


  4. Among the following nations, which had the lowest percentage of persons who had completed higher education, as of 2002U.S.


  5. The practice of assuming that people who fit certain descriptions are likely to be engaged in illegal activities is referred to as:racial profiling