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  1. Gerontology is:
  2. In which type of authority pattern are the adult members of the family regarded as equals?
  3. The theory that people become more aware of the political world as they age and hence are more likely to vote is called the
  4. A sect is a
  5. In comparison with men, women have lower rates of:
  1. a the scientific study of the sociological and psychological aspects of aging and the problems of the aged
  2. b life cycle hypothesis
  3. c egalitarian
  4. d relatively small religious group that has broken away from some other religious organization to renew what it views as the original vision of the faith
  5. e A) all of these*********
    B) consumption of alcohol.
    C) employment in dangerous occupations.
    D) cigarette smoking.

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  1. incidence of death in a given population
  2. matrilineal descent
  3. legitimate power conferred by custom and accepted practice
  4. respect and admiration with which an occupation is regarded by society
  5. an approach which contends that as developing countries make economic advances, they remain weak and subservient to core nations

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  1. Wealth is:all of a person's material assets, including land, stocks, and other types of property


  2. Talcott Parsons believed physicians function as ____________ for the sick role by verifying a patient's condition as illness or designating the patient as recovered.gatekeepers


  3. Adam Smith is associated witha belief that one race is supreme and that all others are innately inferior.


  4. A monopoly isall of a person's material assets, including land, stocks, and other types of property


  5. Federal Title IX policies require schools topositive efforts to recruit minority group members or women for jobs, promotions, and educational opportunities.