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  1. A married couple, their children, and other relatives—such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles—living together in the same household constitute a (an):
  2. Amalgamation refers to the process of:
  3. The term incest taboo refers to:
  4. The equilibrium model of social change was developed by:
  5. Max Weber referred to people's opportunities to provide themselves with material goods, positive living conditions, and favorable experiences as:
  1. a combining a majority group and a minority group through intermarriage to form a new group
  2. b the prohibition of sexual relationships between certain culturally specified relatives
  3. c life chances
  4. d extended family.
  5. e Talcott Parsons.

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  1. power
  2. 64 percent
  3. a subjective awareness held by members of a class regarding their common vested interests and the need for collective political action to bring about social change
  4. legitimate power conferred by custom and accepted practice
  5. the glass ceiling

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  1. What term did Max Weber use to refer to a disciplined work ethic, this-worldly concerns, and a rational orientation to life emphasized by John Calvin and his followersthe Protestant ethic


  2. A condition in which members of a society have different amounts of wealth, prestige, or power is called:a matriarchy


  3. Which of the following refers to the movement of individuals or groups from one position of society's stratification system to another?social mobility


  4. Which group has a particularly low voter turnoutGermany


  5. The feeling or perception of being in direct contact with the ultimate reality, such as a divine being, or of being overcome with religious emotion is called a religiousendogamy


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