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  1. Racism is defined as:
  2. General practices found in every culture, such as dancing, food preparation, interaction with family, and religion, are known as
  3. Monogamy refers to a form of marriage in which:
  4. A kinship system that favors the relatives of the mother is based on:
  5. The practice of assuming that people who fit certain descriptions are likely to be engaged in illegal activities is referred to as:
  1. a cultural universals
  2. b racial profiling
  3. c one woman and one man are married only to each other
  4. d a belief that one race is supreme and that all others are innately inferior.
  5. e matrilineal descent

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  1. people who share the same prestige or lifestyle, independent of their class position.
  2. women
  3. A) all of these answers are correct!*********
    B) end sex discrimination in admissions and financial aid.
    C) eliminate sex-segregated classes.
    D) give girls more opportunities to play sports.
  4. multiple masculinities
  5. 57 percent

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  1. A legal strategy based on claims that racial minorities are subjected disproportionately to environmental hazards is referred to as:environmental justice.


  2. Which term is used to refer to the reputation that a specific person has within an occupation?esteem


  3. Which of the following terms did Karl Marx use to refer to an attitude held by members of a class that does not accurately reflect the class's objective position?false consciousness


  4. Hate crime laws are directed at crimes involving issues of:A) all of these answers are correct!********
    B) race/ethnicity.
    C) religion.
    D) sexual orientation.


  5. Which form of technology could help usher in the future of production and consumption as outlined by author Matt Masonvested interest.