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Math 1 Unit 7 Tools of Geometry

Tools of Geometry for students to understand the basics of Geometry used in Common Core Math 1 at the high school level.

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Indicates location and has no size
Straight path that extends in two opposite directions without end
A flat surface that extends without end, no thickness, and contains infinite number of points
Part of a line that consists of two endpoints and all points between them
A part of a line that consists of one endpoint and all the points of the line on one side of the endpoint
Opposite Rays
Two rays on a plane that share the same endpoint and form a line
The length of segment JK
Segment Addition Postulate
ED + DF = EF
Segment Congruence
Midpoint of a Segment
Segment Bisector
Formed by 2 rays with the same endpoint
The degree measure of the angle
Acute Angle
Right Angle
Obtuse Angle
Straight Angle
Congruent Angles
Angle Addition Postulate
Adjacent Angles
2 coplanar angles with a common side and a common vertex
Vertical Angles
Two angles whose sides are opposite rays
Complementary Angles
Two angles whose measures have a sum of 90⁰
Linear Pair
Pair of adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays. They will be supplementary.
Supplementary Angles
Two angles whose measures have a sum of 180⁰