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resistance torque greater than muscle torque 1

eccentric contraction

Resistence torque is greater than muscle torque 2

muscle is legthened while trying to shorten

resistence torque is greater than muscle torque 3

resistance torque wins! -muscle acts as a brake to slow or control mvement

If the amount of energy used is the same 1

eccentric: GREATEST FORCE PRODUCED -resistance is doing work -oxogen use lowered

if the amount of energy used is the same 2

Isometric: energy is not used for shortening

if the amount of energy used is the same 3

Concentric: least efficent- least force produced -energy used shortening -not available for producing tension

isotonic tension means

equal tension

Isotonic tension muscle would-

produce the same amount of tension throughout ROM

Isotonic tension-

because of body lever systems, muscles rarely function isotonically

class of levers 3- first class

Fulcrum between effort and resistance

second class

resistance btw effort and fulcrum - favors force -move large resistance with less effort

second class 2

effort ma always longer than resistance ma

third class

favors speed and range -effort moves through distance and at a slower speed than resistance

third class 2

effort moves through less distance and at slower speed than resistance MA - force disadvantage

Advantages of first class levers 1

determined by length of moment arms

Advantages of first class levers 2

Effort MA longer =favors force

Advantages of first class levers 3

effort MA shorter = favors speed and range

Human body levers

most are third class levers -no 2nd class levers in body

Human body levers 2

few first class levers with speed and range advantage -human body levers have a huge force disadvantage

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