Pol Sci 2

Poli Sci
Near the beginning of its session, Congress sends to the president a rather significant piece of legislation that the president agrees with for the most part. However, the bill also contains a section that the president finds completely unacceptable. Under current law, what action can the president take to help ensure that the unfavored policy contained within the larger legislative bill does not become law?
A legislative assembly such as the Congress that's divided into two chambers (or houses) is best described as
majority leader
The individual with the most real power within the U.S. Senate is the
six years
The term of office for a U.S. Senator is
The practice by congressional representatives of including language providing special benefits for their constituents in otherwise unrelated bills is called the
A rule allowing a three-fifths majority of U.S. Senators to set a time limit on debate over a given bill is called
In the American political system, the power to ratify treaties is held by the
The minimum age required to serve as a member of the House of Representatives is
The highest military authority in the United States is the
According to the U.S. Constitution, the executive power is vested in the
In the House of Representatives, the elected individuals who are responsible for lining up party members on important votes and relaying voter information to the leaders are called
have broader, more varied constituencies.
Compared to Representatives in the House, Senators
preside over the Senate and cast the tie-breaking vote when necessary.
From a Constitutional standpoint, the vice president exists for two purposes: (1) to succeed the president in case of death, resignation, or incapacitation; and (2) to
Members of Congress owe their primary responsibility to their
two years
Voters elect members to the House of Representatives every
The minimum age required to serve as a U.S. Senator is
make treaties
The status of the president as head of state is exemplified by the power to
delegated powers
Powers given to the president by Congress are called
The redrawing of congressional districts in such a way as to give unfair advantage to the political party in power is called
Senior Executive Service
The means designed to recognize and foster public management as a profession and facilitate the movement of top, supergrade career officials across agencies and department was the
executive privilege
The claim that confidential communications between a president and close advisers should not be revealed without the consent of the president is called
George Washington
The president who first invoked the concept of executive privilege while in office did so by refusing a request from the House of Representatives to deliver documents concerning negotiations of an important treaty. That president was
an election by the members of the majority party.
In the U.S. House of Representatives, the Committee Chairs are now selected through
Members are in the U.S. House of Representatives
Representatives who believe that they have been elected in order to do the bidding of those that sent them to the legislature are considered to be serving as
serve full time for multiple terms
A professional legislature is one with members that
In the American system of government, the branch of government that has the power to declare war is
As evidenced by its placement as Article I of the Constitution, the framers considered the primary branch of American government to be the
the franking privilege
Members of Congress may send mail to their constituents free of charge to keep them informed of government business and public affairs under a law enacted by the first U.S. Congress in 1789, referred to as
two-thirds vote
No bill vetoed by the president can become law unless both the House and the Senate override the veto by a
reprieves, pardons, and amnesties
American presidents have the power of life and death through the power to grant
In the United States, the head of a cabinet-level department is usually called a
intense partisanship
Compared to the Senate, the House of Representatives has recently exhibited considerably more
a cabinet department
The Department of Agriculture is an example
executive agreements
In the face of potential Senate opposition to treaty negotiations, presidents frequently resort to
Holding a political office for which one is running is called
expressed powers
The powers specifically granted to the president in the text of the Constitution are called
Members are in the U.S. Senate
95 percent
In recent years, the rate of re-election for representatives seeking to return to service in the U.S. House of Representatives is about
Rules Committee
In the House of Representatives, the order in which bills come up for a vote is determined by the
efficiency and credibility
According to your text, bureaucracy makes government possible through two parts:
electoral college
The framers hoped to achieve a republican solution to presidential selection through an indirect election in which electors would be selected by state legislatures to participate in the
World War II
The last time that the United States officially declared war against another nation was at the beginning of
must see that all the laws are faithfully executed
The most important basis of the presidents power as chief executive is to be found in the section of the Constitution which stipulates that the president
The individual with the most real power within the U.S. House of Representatives is the
The capturing of federal projects and awarding of federal funds for a congressional representatives own district is legislation described as
constituency service (casework)
Well over a quarter of a congressional representatives time and nearly two-thirds of the time of their staff members is devoted to
. Nancy Pelosi
The first woman to lead a major party in Congress was
Representatives who believe that they have been selected by their fellow citizens in order to do what the legislator thinks is right act as
have the force of law
Once the rules for a federal public agency are approved, they