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is there a known founder of hinduism?

4,000 or 5,000 BCE

When was the beginning of islam?


Hinduism is the ____ largest religion in the World today.


What percent of India is hindu?

900 million

How many hindu's?

Nepal, Fiji, Britain, and India

What countries have hindu's?

Tolerance diversity flexibility

Hunduism is based on _________, _________, and _____________.

Umbrella Religion

Encompasses and absorbs almost all religions


Ever growing, transcendental force, ULTIMATE REALITY


Humans and creatures are __________ forms of Brahman

The ultimate goal

Most people are blinded by the illusions of this world and do not realize life is like a prison that separates us from union with Brahman


Foundational Writing-Means wisdom/knowledge

Rig Veda

Oldest foundational writing


Foundational writings composed by seers called ______ who 'heard' the sacred word


Means 'sitting at the feet of' a mentor

Record dialogues

Between teaches and students reflecting the nature of the divine

Bhagavad Gita

Krishna visits Arjuna and instructs him to keep fighting


Must do your duty in life


your duty, eternal and universal law, doing what is ethical right, applies to all living beings

Foundational Choice

God is a transcendent spiritual reality we cannot comprehend we can keep silent about God or we can induldge in ordinary in ordinary forms of expression about God knowing they will never be adequate.


GOD The creator


GOD the sustainer of life


GOD the destroyer


Earthly incarnations of Gods. come at critical times to help humanity


how many avatars are there for vishnu


GOD the son of shiva, remover of obstacles, helps with transitions


FEMALE GOD often wife of vishnu as avatar

Dharma sources

Divine scripture, sacred traditions, wisest member of society, conscience


Divisible and indestructible spiritual center of each being. the ultimate self or soul/spirit


Reincarnation cycle of birth death and rebirth of soul


Action done has spiritual consequences in this life or the next. only human action matters


Means liberation from the endless cycles of rebirth, hope of salvation joining with God, salvation is based on various paths of mehods of yoga

Karma Yoga

YOGA: action, proper ritual and ethical acts, letting go ends

Jnana Yoga

YOGA: Knowledge of the unity of all reality, study scriptures

Bhakti yoga

YOGA: Devotion to participation in unity with god

Raja Yoga

YOGA: Meditation


4 stages of life


First stage of ASHRAMA. Student 12-24, learn sacred texts and rituals from a GURU


Second stage of ASHRAMA. Marry and raise family


Third stage of ASHRAMA. Dweller, 40's, seek solitude an inward spirituality

Wandering holy man

AKA: SANNYASI. third stage of ASHRAMA. renounce family and materialism in old age.


Only ___ can complete stages

Sannyasi Stage

Life stage often travel and beg

Om or Aum

Message of the one ultimate reality in universe, reverberating in all things

Bindi or bindu

Red dot on forehead, mark of the 3rd eye of spirituality, today more decorative


stands for purity of the soul or truth and is still used today. nazis changed meaning to radical purity

Ethical living

Quality of ones intentions matter, one must complete one's dharma, personal justice and righteousness are cardinal values. wealth, material success, status and power should use them to help others. AHISMSA. Respect


This animal is SACRED and PROTECTED as a reminder of din=vinity


Meaning non injury or non violence

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